Titans superfans gear up for AFC Championship game

Tennessee Titans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WKRN) – They all have different names and identities.

“That’s Titan man!” Said a Titans fan who pulled out a camera and quickly snapped a photo.

“Chilly Pepper is awesome!” Said another Titans fan.

Dressed head to toe in Titans gear with their own twist, of course, each super fan brings the love of the game and passion to each matchup.

“That is what I live for,” said Titans super fan Chilly Pepper. “It is my only hobby. Well that and motorcycles, but I just sold my bike.”

Some live in Tennessee full time, but others travel hundreds even thousands of miles to watch the team they love.

“It is a bond,” said superfan “King of the South”.

“That is how we met through football and we kept at it and its like family. We are family as a matter of fact.”

A family that will be cheering in the Titans no matter what.

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