He’s one of the leagues up and coming quarterbacks but has yet to stay healthy for an entire season.

While new offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur and quarterbacks coach Pat O’Hara are changing some minor things about Marcus Mariota’s game, the one thing they both said needs to be better is his ability to play it safe when on the run.

Both coaches have said that Mariota being mobile is a good thing and that while they like what he does in the run game and his athleticism, he needs to know when to slide, throw it away and play it safe.

Pat O’Hara, quarterbacks coach: “you don’t want to take away that element of a quarterback’s game being able to run but obviously health is something that has to be of the utmost importance. You know he’s a very competitive player too so sometimes it doesn’t always feel right to slide or throw the ball away and those are things that we talk a lot about, we watch film on that and that’s something that’s a focus for him this off-season process.”

After being injured two seasons ago when the Titans missed the playoffs in a late-season loss to the Jaguars and missing some time after pulling a hamstring while running for a touchdown against the Texans this past season, Mariota acknowledged the importance of avoiding injury today especially while on the move.

Marcus Mariota, quarterback: “there’s a time and a place to try to extend plays and try to get a first down. At the same time, there’s also opportunities for us as quarterbacks to protect ourselves, and we have to understand that and understand the situation.”

The Titans have one final day of minicamp before breaking six weeks for what will be the start of training camp in late July.