He’s one of the Titans best players and after saying last week in London that he would protest after the national anthem, Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey doubled down Thursday. 

Casey did not take a knee last year and said he is going to respect the flag but protest afterward. News 2 caught up with him Thursday at training camp to find out why he made the decision to protest again this season. 

“At the end of the day everybody has their opinion on what the situation is, me and my wife we continue to work in the community to do what we do and that’s bring light to social injustice and that’s what we all about and we’re going to continue to keep on doing that spreading the word. I think it’s going to come to solutions and make a better way to get things done especially for this organization and around the league but at the end of the day Jurrell Casey is going to stand for what we stand for and I’m with social justice all the way. So, I’m going to continue to do what I do, show respect for the flag but I’m still going to protest at the end of it,” said the defensive lineman.  

Casey went on to say while some people don’t like his decision, others have shown a level of respect.  

“It was mixed feelings. some people supported it, they understood, you know they actually respected that I didn’t want to take a knee during the anthem, and they respected I did it afterwards. Some people hated that still because they felt the fist was black power or you know more of a racist thing. But at the end of the day, the fist, putting the fist up, raising the black power symbol isn’t necessarily racial divide it’s more so me, just like I said, bringing light to my community.”  

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