NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It wasn’t just your typical kids football camp over at the Titans indoor practice bubble, it was much more.

It was a day to honor former linebacker Tim Shaw, a man that means so much to the Titans franchise.

“It’s something that we want to do for Tim from what he’s done to some what he still means to us and what he helps us do,” said Titans special teams coordinator and camp organizer Craig Aukerman.

“It’s funny, as much as people want to make it about me, I want to push that back on to others,” Shaw said. “That’s how people grow. I’m filled up so that I can pour it out. It’s very humbling.”

Shaw has been battling ALS for nearly a decade, unable to walk or even talk without using his eye gazing device, which allows him to type out words and sentences using just his eyes.

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He rarely misses an opportunity to be around football. It’s his love for the game that keeps pushing him forward just like he motivates those around him every day.

“It’s really an honor how inclusive the Titans have been to me,” said Shaw. “I need to make a difference in the world and this place is a very special place to be able to do that.”

“Just seeing him, he’s got a great perspective of life,” Aukerman said. “No matter how bad or good day is, he’s the same guy every day and any time that we see him, it brings a smile to our faces.”

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And as far as his thoughts on the this year’s draft class:

“I’m not an expert on the draft. Every year I say the same thing, ‘we will see.’ But I am excited about the Titans leadership and how good I believe we can be.”