NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – All over town people are talking Titans. This is the first trip to the postseason for the Titans since 2008.

As fans are gear up for the big game against Kansas City on Saturday, which is airing on News 2, at sports stores workers were purchasing additional gear for excited fans.

The manager in charge of ordering apparel at Sport Seasons told News 2 they are increasing their Titans inventory by more than 50 percent. That means they have ordered more than six hundred additional items.

Shipments of Titans gear will be arriving every day to meet the demand. They say the days leading up to the game will continue to get busier.

Right now, the most requested item is anything to help stay warm.

(Photo: WKRN)

“We have spent the last couple days entering orders. [We are] trying to get some stuff in here to keep people warm and that seems to be the one thing that people are really wanting to come up with, is something to keep them warm. They are really not too pickey about what they get as long as it keeps them warm,” said Lance Bowers, the apparel buyer for Sport Seasons.

Titans football was the topic of conversation at Great Clips on White Bridge Road. Fans say the teams success is great for the city and they are already looking to what’s next.

“For the city, if we get to the second round of the playoffs, I think it’s huge and, for long-term relationship for the city. We’ve got the Predators, we’ve got the soccer coming in, and it’s exciting time to be in Nashville,” said Tim Beever, the Great Clips owner.

One longtime Titans fan told News 2 he tailgated at every home game. He supported the Titans through the difficult times, and now he is enjoying their success.

“We have been through some awfully tough times and, quite frankly, some poor coaching along the way. I think we have a good combination. I think we are going to stick and do well,” said Buddy Comer.

Back at the Sport Seasons store, they told News 2 the most requested sports jersey is No. 8– Marcus Mariota.

“Normally what we see is when they get into playoffs, even with the Predators when they were in the playoffs, it will kind of build up to that first game and that is what we will start seeing probably late tonight into tomorrow and then Friday and Saturday will be really busy,” said Bowers.