NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Titans are four point underdogs against the Eagles and former Titan AJ Brown Sunday.

The Eagles have the leagues best record at 10-1 but the personal story between Brown and the Titans has stolen the talk this week.

The Titans and Brown had an ugly divorce after failing to reach a contract extension.  Brown was traded on draft night and immediately signed a deal with the Eagles worth $25-million a year.

This week Brown said he felt like he “won the trade” and it is impossible to argue.  He got the money he wanted, to play with his good friend Jalen Hurts and play in an offense that throws the ball more.  

AJ Brown Stats 2022

  • 53 Rec., 871 Yards, 7 Td’s

Brown has gone for 67 yards or less though in six of the Eagles last seven games with the ground game dominating play.

“I want nothing but the best for A.J. Brown, other than on Sunday when we play him,” said Titans head coach Mike Vrabel,  “He has to know that. He knows that. I hope, and I hope he has the same feeling for me. You put a lot of time in with these guys, personal time, and professional time. You get to know their families. You want the best for them except for when you are competing against them.”

While stopping Brown will be a challenge, the bigger obstacle is quarterback Jalen Hurts and the Eagles third ranked run game.

NFL Rush Rankings

  1. Chicago Bears- 192 YPG
  2. Baltimore Ravens- 162.7 YPG
  3. Philadelphia Eagles- 162.5 YPG
  4. Tennessee Titans- 122.9 YPG

Mikes Sanders has been excellent for Philly with 900 yards and a lofty 5.1 yards per carry.  The run game starts with quarterback Jalen Hurts who can punish teams with the read option and scrambling out of the pocket.  Hurts has 597 yards in the ground and eight touchdowns.

Hurts definitely has Vrabel’s attention, “ He has great play strength. He is decisive. I would say he is fast enough. I don’t think he is the fastest quarterback, but he is a strong runner,” said Vrabel, “He also has the ability to deliver from the pocket. He will keep plays alive going lateral. This is a huge challenge.”

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Complicating things even further is the turnover story.  The Eagles lead the league at +13 this season with Hurts turning it over only three times all season.

The Titans have to do what virtually no one has this season… pressure Hurts, keep him in the pocket and find a way to get him to turn it over.