Some people think it’s “coincidence” that the Miami Dolphins claimed rookie QB Luke Falk off the waiver wire Sunday, it is pretty clear the Tennessee Titans do not. 

The Titans showed virtually none of their new offense in the preseason under their new offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur and the Dolphins are obviously looking for info more than a 4th, YES I SAID 4TH!!! quarterback. 

I asked Mike Vrabel about the Dolphins shenanigans Monday and the usually tight-lipped coach came out firing and said they were prepared for just this kind of covert action.

He also said LaFleur was the one who saw it coming, “I give Matt LaFleur a lot of credit. I wanted to put everything in that we were going to use. He wanted to hold some stuff. I think he said he had been burnt in the past with cut downs. I said, ‘OK, I’ll defer to you on this one.’ As it turns out, he was kind of right. They’ll be some things that I’m sure Luke can give them. But then again, I am glad that Matt (LaFleur) was adamant about holding some stuff until cut down day. Like I said, I think he’d been burnt by some of that stuff in the past.”

So, Falk has the package, but not the whole package. Listen, this is not the first time this has happened in the NFL and it will not be the last.

Titans GM Jon Robinson knows it just goes with the territory, “I gave him a roll of duct tape before he left. That was a joke. We wish Luke (Falk) nothing but the best moving forward in his personal career, certainly not his team this week as we play those guys. We’ll see how it goes. That’s the risk you take when you place a player on waivers. You’re always exposing them, and you risk losing them.”

Here is the crazy part, Falk could be back with the Titans next week and it sounds like Vrabel knows it, “Well, I’m happy for Luke (Falk). We want to work with him. But, that’s not going to be possible right now”.

“Right now” is the important part of that. It may not last very long, but will it be long enough to make the Titans mission in Miami just a little bit harder?