NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tennessee Titans linebacker Bud Dupree pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault charges in a Davidson County courtroom Monday.

Dupree received a six-month suspended sentence, which means he will not serve any time in jail if he is not arrested again.

Judge Rachel Bell agreed to work with Dupree for his National Football League travel.

Dupree’s lawyer initially motioned to dismiss the charges as the state had a difficult time getting in touch with the victim.

The victim was subpoenaed and did appear upon second call and did not speak in court.

Dupree turned himself in to Metro police in February after a fight at a Nashville Walgreens.

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Police believe the altercation started after an employee took a video of Dupree on his phone.

Dupree was accused of grabbing the victim and getting into a fight. A 20-year-old male employee was treated for a cut to his forehead and a 21-year-old female employee was treated for a cut to her hand.