Pro Bowl tackle Taylor Lewan was on the field for the first day of Titans Training Camp Thursday in Nashville but on a limited basis. 

Lewan and his agent Tom Condon are after a contract extension.  Lewan is due $9.341 million this season, but with it being the last year of his deal he is eyeing a whole lot more.   

He skipped the team’s mandatory mini-camp and Thursday said it was the right time to do what he did. 

With camp underway, Lewan made it clear it was important for him to show up and continue to prepare for the season.  He did not do team activities, he only participated in individual drills, but he said it was important for him to be there.  

“This being camp, you know there will be a time I have to go play a game or there will be a time I have to go do that.  I can’t be unprepared.  So, it’s my obligation to be out here.” 

The elephant in the room is an injury, Lewan acknowledged if he gets hurt it could blow up a deal that Wednesday Titans GM Jon Robinson said the two sides have made significant progress on, but Lewan said: “whatever happens, happens”. 

The New York Giants made Nate Solder the highest paid left tackle in the game this summer, giving him $15.5 million per season.  

News 2 asked Lewan if being the highest paid tackle was important to him.  He did not say yes, but he did not say no either.  Lewan made it clear he is looking for a big payday. 

“I think it’s important for people to value themselves, show they’ve performed and however that looks.  So, if you believe you’re the best and you’ve shown you’re the best tackle you should be paid appropriately.  I’m just in the business of trying to be the best.” 

If Lewan does get more than $15.5 million per season he would be the highest paid player on the team.  

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