NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Football is back! The Tennessee Titans are set to kick off the 2023 NFL season against the Saints in New Orleans at noon today, along with their trusty mascot, T-Rac. Here are four things you may not know about the Titans mascot.

T-Rac debuted in 1999

T-Rac debuted with the team in 1999, shortly after the then-Houston Oilers relocated to Music City and changed the team name to the Titans. He made his inaugural appearance on the sidelines during the only home NFL preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons on Aug. 27, 1999. The Titans won the game 17-3.

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T-Rac is a raccoon

T-Rac is a cartoonish version of a raccoon, which is the state wild animal of Tennessee. Just like the smaller mammals, T-Rac has a black striped tail and a black “bandit” mask on his costume.

T-Rac has made 12 Pro Bowl appearances

T-Rac has made the cut for NFL mascots who have appeared at the NFL Pro Bowl on a dozen separate occasions, including the 2022 Pro Bowl.

T-Rac makes appearances across the world

In addition to energizing Titans games in Nissan Stadium, T-Rac has traveled overseas to entertain troops stationed in places like Kuwait. T-Rac also makes special appearances at events across Middle Tennessee and plenty of community events in Nashville.

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