Ryan Tannehill transitions to Tennessee

Tennessee Titans

After several seasons as a starter in Miami, Ryan Tannehill is working in a new city and has embraced a new role, behind quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Tannehill was definitely shocked by the trade when it happened and even admits the transition has been difficult at times.  
But while there have been challenges for Tannehill, he said that working with a guy like Mariota and the entire staff has made things easier.  Right now he’s is just focused on helping the team out any way possible.

“When you work with good people, it’s a great thing. We’re all here together trying to win football games and that helps the transition,” Tannehill told News 2. 

“I get the sense that he wants to be here, he wants to be a part of this team and organization.  I like the dynamic between Marcus, Ryan and Logan,” added Mike Vrabel.

When Tannehill was asked what the most difficult part of the transition has been, he said without hesitation, taking a step back in that leadership role.  Tannehill might not be a starter now, but he’ll be ready if his number is called.

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