Sorry Titans fans, this is not a pick me up story. This is about history and odds and neither of them like the Titans chances this year.

Vegas has the Titans at 28-1 to win the Super Bowl. That’s pretty much middle of the road, so that’s about the best news I’ve got for you here.

You can actually bet on which Division will win the Super Bowl and the AFC South is dead last at 12-1.Super

Bowl Odds By Division

  • AFC West +350
  • AFC East +450
  • NFC West +450
  • AFC North +500
  • NFC North +600
  • NFC South +600
  • NFC East +1000
  • AFC South +1200

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Yes, a lot of that has to do with the Texans and Jaguars once again being expected to be among the worst teams in the NFL.

History also says though the AFC South is a terrible pick to win it all.

In the history of the Super Bowl there have been 56 winners, only two of them from the AFC South. It was the Colts both times and the 1st time they were not even in the AFC South, they were the Baltimore Colts in 1971.

Super Bowl Titles By Division

  • NFC East 13
  • AFC East 9
  • AFC West 8
  • AFC North 8
  • NFC West 8
  • NFC North 5
  • NFC South 3
  • AFC South 2

The Titans and Colts are both expected to have winning records and both are expected to be contenders to be in the playoffs and as we saw once again last year with the Bengals, the biggest key is getting in.

The Titans have made the playoff 4 of the last 6 seasons and have a record of 3-4 in that stretch. Maybe trip number 5 will the lucky number… But I probably wouldn’t bet on it.