NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Excitement for the Tennessee Titans’ new stadium is only growing among fans.

With an estimated cost of $2.1 billion, the stadium will set a new standard for entertainment.

The Titans released a new promotional video Wednesday, showing what the stadium will look like inside and out. This helps give fans a greater perspective of what to expect in 2027.

As of now, the stadium is expected to break ground in early-to-mid 2024 following the 2024 season, with an opening set for 2027.

“I went to my first Titans game and I said, from that day on, I’m going to be a Titans fan,” Titans superfan Bryson McCarley said.

McCarley is better known as “Titanos” at games. His iconic character representing Marvel Comics’ villain, Thanos, is very recognizable at tailgates. He believes this stadium will lead the state forward.

Fellow superfan Adam McMillin is known as “Titan Man”. He was born and raised in Nashville and considers the Titans as family.

“Honestly, I would like see a superfan zone, like the Black Hole is for the Raiders,” McMillin said. “A zone for us special superfans that are recognizable and to be down there in the trenches with the players.”

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The stadium will be located east of where Nissan Stadium currently stands.

To learn more about the stadium, click here.