Week 2 of the NFL Power Rankings are always a wild one!!!

Number one ranking teams to start the season is difficult. Number two, not overreacting to week 1 is difficult and usually draws considerable criticism.

Let the complaining begin!!!

32. Arizona Cardinals (0-1) – They were competitive at Washington which is frankly more than I expected.

31. Chicago Bears (0-1) – My beloved Bears were not just bad against the Packers, there were signs of quitting or in the case of Chase Claypool not showing up at all.

30. Houston Texans (0-1) – They need to rush for more than 70 yards if they are going to help their rookie quarterback out.

29. Indianapolis Colts (0-1) – There is no question about Anthony Richardson’s athletic ability, but I have plenty about his ability to complete a 17 game season without protecting himself.

28. Carolina Panthers (0-1) – A lot of rookie QB’s losing their NFL debuts and for good reason…. They’re on bad teams! 2 INT’s and a QBR of 14.5 for Heisman winner Bryce Young.

27. New York Giants (0-1) – Look, I don’t expect them to stay this low, but I can not watch that pile of garbage they put on the field week 1 and not be affected. Why the heck was Daniel Jones playing in the 4th quarter? Do they just not like him?

26. New England Patriots (0-1) – Answer me this… Do they look like a team coached and run by a genius?

25. Seattle Seahawks (0-1) – That’s a terrible loss to start the season. Geno Smith was not good and they gave up 16 catches and 238 yards to two guys only the very biggest of NFL fans have ever heard of.

24. Los Angeles Rams (1-0) – I am really happy for the Rams, because my expectations were REALLLLY low. Now, can they do it again?

23. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1) – Remember how excited everyone was because of Kenny Pickett in the preseason? It was not just Pickett, the whole team was terrible against San Francisco.

22. Denver Broncos (0-1) – Russell Wilson averaged 5.2 yards per attempt. I am no offensive guru, but that does not seem like nearly enough.

21. Las Vegas Raiders (1-0) – For one week I do not get to talk about firing Josh McDaniels. I can hardly wait for next week!

20. Minnesota Vikings (0-1) – Their week one loss to the Bucs in Minnesota was my biggest surprise. When the quarterback turns it over 3 times it is tough to win. Sound familiar?

19. Tampa Bay Bucs (1-0) – Good for Baker Mayfield who everyone can not wait to write off. Like Wilson he only averaged 5.1 yards per attempt and with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin that number should be higher.

18. Tennessee Titans (0-1) – The defensive front was as good as advertised, now the secondary has to be better. Offensively, the offensive line actually did OK, Ryan Tannehill did not. I can not believe Tannehill will be that bad again, but we will see.

17. Washington Commanders (1-0) – They won, that is most important. However, 6 sacks against Arizona? What happens when Dallas comes to town?

16. Atlanta Falcons (1-0) – OK, again, they won. Drake London 0 catches and 1 target? C’mon man.

15. New Orleans Saints (1-0) – Derek Carr made some big plays, Chris Olave is a dude and that defense is aggressive. Now, the left tackle, he has issues.

14. Los Angeles Chargers (0-1) – Full Charger mode in week 1. Score 34 points and find a way to lose. Once again, this team has a ton of talent. Too much to lose games like that.

13. New York Jets (1-0) – They found a way to win after Aaron Rodgers left. Do I expect that to continue? No, no I do not.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1) – Man, did a curse this team. I picked them to win it all so of course, they looked awful. I am willing to bet Joe Burrow will not have another 82 yard passing game again…. Ever.

11. Green Bay Packers (1-0) – Jordan Love 245 yards and 3 TD’s. Was it Love or was it the Bears? Either way, he got it done.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) – They struggled with the Colts for 3 quarters but put them away in the fourth.

9. Buffalo Bills (0-1) – Josh Allen flat out last that game. He just does not need to take so many chances.

8. Detroit Lions (1-0) – It is not that they won in Kansas City, it was how they battled and never wavered. I am soooo upset I did not get Amon-Ra St. Brown in any of my fantasy leagues.

7. Cleveland Browns (1-0) – OK, I may have just thrown up in my mouth a little bit, but they held Joe Burrow to 82 yards!!!

6. Baltimore Ravens (1-0) – I will be honest, I did not want to put anyone here, but they have Lamar and they won, so…

5. Miami Dolphins (1-0) – Is Tyreek Hill the most valuable non-quarterback in the NFL?

4. Dallas Cowboys (1-0) – This one time that because it was the “Cowboys” I am holding back on them in the rankings. They destroyed the Giants, but we have to see consistency from this group.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (0-1) – You don’t play without two All-Pro players and have it go unnoticed. Chris Jones is back. Now when will Travis Kelce return? That wide receiver group looked awful.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) – The sign of good team is not playing your best and winning?

1. San Francisco 49ers (1-0) – Not many teams go into Pittsburgh and just roll the Steelers. Is this a breakout year for Brandon Aiyuk?