Corey Davis has healthy attitude at Titans’ training camp

Tennessee Titans

My favorite Titans quote Wednesday came from Corey Davis.  

“I push myself so hard to make sure I do fail at something. That’s how you get better,” he said.   

That quote came after the Titans practiced against the Tampa Bay Bucs and I asked him if the failures in practice are more valuable than the success. 

It was an extremely mature thing to say and the type of thing that leads one to believe it is what will push Davis to be special. 

When we get uncomfortable we are forced to rise the challenge and grow, Davis gets that at a very young age.  

Some people/players are front-runners and only like to work on the things they are good at, because after all,  winning and succeeding is fun. 

So, when a player or the team “loses” in a play or a drill at camp it can be looked at as an opportunity for the player or the unit to learn and grow.  A wart has been exposed. 

Now, if they never do fix the problem or rise to the challenge, then it is just a problem.   

The Tampa Bay Bucs are here for a pair of practices before they play Saturday night and their ability to help expose some things the Titans cannot see against themselves is one of the great values of the joint workouts. 

I also asked Davis Wednesday about wanting to match the performance of Bucs star Mike Evans. 

He’s topped 1,000 yards the last two seasons, has 17 TD’s in that time and gave the Titans all they could handle and more Wednesday. 

Davis did not shy away from the question, and he said he absolutely does.  

“Yeah, it’s always like that, in games, even with our own team. I’ll see D-Hen make a play or Dion and I’ll definitely want to match that. That’s just the competitive nature in me.” 

The kid has the desire, work ethic and talent to be a really good one.  He just needs to stay healthy. 

The Titans and Bucs meet in a preseason game Saturday night at Nissan Stadium that will be broadcast on News 2.  

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