NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Titans are dealing with a long list of injuries and yet, won’t learn their lesson.

So far this season, half of their games have resulted in extra football by way of overtime and they’re getting their quarterback killed.

Thanks to seven total sacks and 14 quarterback hits on Ryan Tannehill Sunday, No. 17 is the most-sacked quarterback with, ironically, 17 total sacks this season.

For those counting at home, that’s 17 sacks in just 16 quarters, meaning he’s on pace to be leveled a whopping 72 times this season.

Mike Vrabel isn’t quick to point fingers but instead emphasizes that the poor numbers are a team effort.

“There are three processes to a pass game,” said Vrabel. “It is about getting open, recognizing man and zone, running the correct route, it is about protection holding up, and it is about the quarterback getting rid of the football and getting it to someone quickly. I would say all three of those.”

Despite him giving really five reasons for poor pass protection, he’s right. It was a group effort. But, Pro Football Focus, however, passes blame.

According to PFF, David Quessenberry was at fault for three sacks while four others were credited with one: right guard Nate Davis, left tackle Taylor Lewan, tight end Geoff Swaim and running back Derrick Henry.

But what about the man on the turf? Vrabel says Tannehill has some culpability in the take-downs.

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“I think that is all part of it. Ryan (Tannehill) did do a nice job a couple times and you worry about the ball when you are doing that. There were times where it needs to come out. I think pocket presence is something I have always appreciated with Ryan (Tannehill), is his ability to stay in there, to slide, and deliver the football. To do that, we talk about having some room to do that, to have a firm pocket inside so that when he does slide away from one guy, he is not sliding into another. It all goes hand in hand.”

Throughout the course of the game, three offensive linemen went down with injuries. Taylor Lewan left briefly, but returned to the game, Rodger Saffold left with a concussion and did not return and Ben Jones went down with a shoulder injury, but returned.