Super Bowl Week: Henry talks free agency, Kobe and TV hosting


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- It’s officially the off season for the Tennessee Titans and everyone is doing their own thing, including running back Derrick Henry.

While Henry would rather be playing in the Super Bowl this week in Miami, he’s taking the opportunity to soak up some sunshine, bumping shoulders with some of the biggest celebrities and athletes out there.

But the NFL’s rushing leader is becoming a star himself. On Thursday, he made the rounds with the National Media appearing on First Take, Pro Football Talk, Rich Eisen Show and Dan Patrick Show.

The Nashville media is used to talking with the ‘all business’ Derrick Henry, but he definitely has a fun, charming side as well. He displayed that, diving into several different topics.

Henry on his hero Kobe Byrant (Dan Patrick Show):

“We were at the ESPYs my rookie year and Kobe was walking up in all black and he was with his wife and I was thinking that was Kobe, I have to say something. He walks by and I just froze and I didn’t say nothing. That was the first time that has every happened.”

“I slept in his jersey the other night, that’s my all time favorite athlete. I think just his dedication to the game, the way he played inspired me as a kid. It was like having a hero.”

Henry on Free Agency (Rich Eisen Show):

“I definitely want to stay. It’s my first time being a free agent so taking it one day at a time. Eventually something is going to happen so ain’t no reason to rush it. Zeke’s (Ezekiel Elliott) number is the floor.”

Henry on being a TV host (Dan Patrick Show):

“I could host this show, just give me some headphones. I wish I could have Kobe, but I would say LaDainian Tomlinson and Michael Jordan would be my guests.”

Henry on who wins the the Super Bowl (ESPN- First Take):

“I think for the 49ers to win, and I think they will win, they have a great defense and great rushers to get to the quarterback. I think they’re explosive and fast off the ball and can get to Patrick Mahomes.”

Henry on what it’s like every time he gets a carry (Rich Eisen Show):

“I just love the game. I love having the ball in my hands and I love making plays. It’s that feeling that everybody knows and they can’t stop it, it’s an indescribable feeling.”

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