Sounds’ Chase D’Arnaud hitting notes on and off the field


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Chase D’ Arnaud is hitting all the right notes on and off the field. 

This 32-year-old has been on a baseball journey, going from Pittsburgh to San Diego and Atlanta to name a few.  And his most recent stop is right here in Nashville. 

Sounds utility player Chase D’Arnaud, “I got a lot of calls asking if I were going to pick up music again.” 

It makes sense that Chase has spent his career as a utility player because he is just as versatile outside of baseball, especially when it comes to music. 

“I played the violin from third grade all the way to the eighth grade, and would’ve continued if it didn’t interfere with baseball,” said D’Arnaud. 

But the artistic blood in his body never stopped flowing, in fact when Chase played for the Atlanta Braves in 2016, he reunited with the arts. 

D’Arnaud added, “I met a producer and we decided to create an album.  The band grew and released an album in August.” 

So, with an off-day landing in the right spot, Chase and his band performed at the Bonnaroo Festival right here in Tennessee. 

“It was pretty special and not many people get that opportunity.  Music has served as a great outlet because baseball has been very consuming, so it’s nice to have something to take your mind away,” said D’Arnaud. 

While no longer in a band, Chase still exercising his vocals, just in a different way. 

“Twinkle Twinkle little star,” sings D’Arnaud. 

Finding time to be a father is priority, but his creative side hasn’t been neglected.  

“It’s called the Journeyman Series.  It’s a first of its kind, showing what it’s like for these players that aren’t superstars,” added D’Arnaud. 

This project takes fans inside the lives of minor league players and it’s earning rave reviews, especially from his own teammates. 

Sounds infielder Patrick Wisdom, “I thought it was cool went outside the boundaries of the norm and that takes a lot of courage to show behind the scenes.” 

“And the fact that you can take music, dialogue the visual all together is powerful for me,” said D’Arnaud. 

The goal for Chase is to get back to the majors and that would surely deserve its own episode. 

“The window for baseball is closing, so I’m wanting to take advantage of this opportunity,” added D’Arnaud. 

But for now, he’s hit the right beat, playing in a city that fits him well, that is a good alternative. 

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