Siemian shakes off the rust, ready to win backup quarterback job


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- The Tennessee Titans decided to make some changes in the quarterback room this past week, releasing rookie Cole McDonald and signing veteran Trevor Siemian. On Sunday, he spoke to the local media for the first time and admitted he is still settling in.

“It’s been kind of chaotic. I’m just trying to catch up. Obviously these guys are far along, and for me it’s like drinking through a fire hose,” said Siemian.

Siemian started 2019 with the New York Jets, but missed out on most of the season due to an ankle injury. He’s feeling 100% now, but admits the most work he got in this offseason is throwing the ball around some with his buddies in Chicago. Long story short, he feels a little rusty.

“As a quarterback, I think a lot of us who demand a lot out of ourselves – I want to be patient with myself, but not too patient. We’re not far away from the season beginning so it’s my job to kind of get caught up, knock the rust off. I don’t have the luxury of OTAs or a full training camp to do that. I’m looking forward to getting in shape and getting the rust knocked off here pretty quick,” added Siemian.

The backup quarterback battle is healthier now with Logan Woodside and Siemian competing, but both will have to struggle with the fact there are no preseason games this year.

Siemian added, “Even in a regular year, you’re kind of starving for reps as quarterback and every other player, especially not being a starter. This year I think that’s kind of amplified. For me, I’m just trying to understand terminology so I know what the heck Ryan (Tannehill)’s doing when he’s in, and what Logan (Woodside)’s doing when he’s in, so I can steal those reps.”

But it’s obviously that the big advantage Siemian has over Woodside is he has been an actual starter in the NFL. In the 2016 and 2017 seasons combined Siemian started in 25 games with a 13-12 record. And while it isn’t exactly the same, there are some similarities between the Broncos and Titans when it comes to their offensive schemes.

“That was kind of attractive to me about playing here and getting the chance to come here. Not quite the same, and again that was three years ago, so, just trying to jog my memory and seeing what hits my brain and going over some old notes and kind of comparing the two. I think this scheme is, from watching clips of Ryan (Tannehill) and watching Logan (Woodside) play here, I would call it quarterback-friendly.” said Siemian.

While Woodside is currently getting second-team reps, there is a good chance the Titans could change that up once Siemian starts to get more comfortable with the playbook. But regardless of what happens, he is just thrilled to be apart of an NFL roster.

“There’s kind of culture here where you’ve got a lot of guys that love ball, they’re good dudes, and jumping in late like I am, that’s cool to be a part of,” said Siemian.

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