NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The monotony of training camp can sometimes get exhausting, so the Titans injected some energy by bringing the 13-time heavyweight champion of the world to visit.

Ric Flair spoke to the team after practice. The 73-year-old is in town to step into the ring for the final time. On Sunday, he will wrestle at the Municipal Auditorium for the last time.

It’s a big week for the “nature boy” but he said the highlight of the week was visiting the team.

As for what words of wisdom he imparted on the group, well, it sounds very similar to what Mike Vrabel tells his guys.

“He’s a great coach, motivates me just listening to him talk,” said Flair. “All these years later to get me motivated for him talking to the team, it’s just an awesome organization.”

Vrabel gave some insight into what Flair spoke to the team about.

“He talked about the family and all these distractions that we encounter on a daily basis and sticking together and coming back each and every day to try to keep stacking days together. You blink and then a long career is over, so just trying to stay consistent each and every day,” said Vrabel.

Slick Ric said visiting with the team was the highlight of his week and Vrabel admitted he was a little star struck, too.

The head coach said he plans to go Flair’s final match on Sunday.