NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – After the last round of testing, the NBA and MLS report zero positive tests out of their respective Orlando bubbles.

If you’re a sports league about to restart your season in a bubble (like the NHL), you must be pretty happy to see the news out of Orlando. Zero positives show this can actually work.

Also, when you’re preparing to do something you’ve never done before like have the Stanley Cup playoffs completely quarantined in Canada, any sense of “this can work” is incredibly encouraging.

“I think it just speaks to the commitment level of pro athletes,” said Predators head coach John Hynes. “There’s going to be a championship on the line, so the more committed you are to every aspect of it, the best chance you have to win, the best it will be for the league, for pro sports and for society in general.”

Hynes puts it on the players and the players agree the responsibility is on themselves.

“As long as we continue to follow the rules and do what we’re asked to do just like the other leagues, we get zero cases the entire time were there and we can go on a long playoff run,” said Predators forward Rocco Grimaldi.

As the team is scheduled to leave for the Edmonton bubble on Sunday, the responsibility starts now.

“Everyone’s hunkering down, doing the right things, doing what we’re asked to do, trying to stay safe here before we head to Edmonton and hopefully every team’s doing the same. It’s not just our team, it’s every team. We’re all in this together as a league,” said Grimaldi.