Preds’ Duchene says sports & entertainment could be last things to return to normal


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- The NHL season has been stuck on pause for almost a month now, meanwhile many of the Nashville Predators are still here in the city, trying to stay physically and mentally ready for when and IF they get the green light.

Matt Duchene is one of those players here in Music City. He’s trying to make the best of this downtime, passing the time with his family.

“It’s been interesting, but I haven’t gone as crazy as I thought I would at the start of this. It’s been really fun to spend some time with my little guy, who is actually 15 months today. Along with chasing him around I’m trying to stay in shape myself,” said Duchene.

While there aren’t too many ways to mimic the skating motion and hockey in general, Duchene said he ordered some gear to train with and right now he’s following the Predators’ strength program from home.

“You do what you can, but I think the program is enjoyable and it has a little bit of everything. It has cardio-strength, core and quick-feet, agility work. It’s been good to stay with it,” said Duchene.

This is Duchene’s first season with the Preds and he’d like nothing more than to return to the ice this season but as optimistic as he is, there is still the reality of the situation and right now he says sport and entertainment could be the last things to return to normal.

“It’s tough because they bring so many people together both physically and emotionally, that’s great for the World, but at the same time what other industries put 75-100 thousand people together within inches of each other? There aren’t many so this is why it’s complicated,” said Duchene.

If the NHL does decide to resume the season, even without fans in the stands, Duchene says he is all for jumping right into the playoffs.

“Obviously it would be good to recoup the dollars lost as a league but coming from a purely hockey perspective, we are in a spot right now whether you look at the standings or winning percentage to be in the playoffs. That is what the last 13 games were there for to accomplish, so I’m good with jumping right in,” said Duchene.

“It’s tough because it brings so many people together both physically and emotionally. It’s a pastime, entertainment and great for the world, but at the same time what other industry puts 75 or 100 thousand people together within inches of each other?” asked Duchene. “There aren’t many things, so this is so complicated and when sports do return I don’t know what things will look like.”

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