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Playoff Fever: Finding our way to Kansas City


Kansas City (WKRN)- News 2 Sports has been on the road with the Tennessee Titans throughout the entire season, but nothing is more exciting than following the team in the playoffs!

For the past couple of weeks Sports Director Cory Curtis and Photographer Cal Baxter have been covering the team in New England and Baltimore. Both trips went smooth in terms of travel and the results were what Titans fans were looking for, WINS!

Now the Titans are one win away from the Super Bowl in Miami and in order to get to the sunshine they’ll have to battle through the frigid temperatures in Kansas City.

Taking down the Chiefs is going to be tough, but if the sports team could get here from Nashville, on a day when the KC Airport was completely shutdown, the Titans can find a way to take down the giant.

Kayla Anderson joined Baxter and Curtis on this trip with the sports team assembling at 6:00 am at the station and headed to BNA. There wasn’t a direct flight so we’d make a stop in St. Louis first, and right before takeoff, we received a friendly notification that our flight from St. Louis to Kansas City was CANCELLED.

Yes, seeing those dreadful words made us have to think fast! Thank goodness our flight to St. Louis was only 45 minutes because the second we got off the plane, we made a new plan.

Travel through the air wasn’t going to happen, all flights to Kansas City were cancelled due to a snow-ice storm invading the area in the morning, so it was on to the automobile (no trains in this story).

While Cal figured out the rental car situation, Cory and myself waited for our load of bags. Remember, television happens no matter what, so we made sure to tape an update for the afternoon show!

After piling up our luggage (we have a lot of it), it was time to load our minivan and set up for our 3 and a half hour drive to Kansas City.

With our belly’s full of Chick-Fil-A we started our journey, but it wasn’t smooth sailing. As we got close to KC, the roads got dicey, and we watched our van become a living ice box.

Thanks to Baxter’s navigating through crazy weather, we made it safely to Kansas City, just in time for our 4pm LIVE shots on News 2. Hopefully you were able to catch our early coverage and if not we have plenty more coming your way this weekend leading up to Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

Long story short, we made it here and we’ll be bringing you coverage all weekend long with an hour special at 6pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday. Tune in after the Titans vs. Chiefs game for our post game coverage as well.

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