NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Despite the NBA announcing plans for facilities to re-open depending on where they’re located, nothing has been put in place for the NHL to do something similar.

No, they don’t work together on decisions, but the two leagues mirror one another in terms of their season.

It can be argued it’s even more important for hockey teams to start practicing sooner. It’s hard to mimic playing on a court with your teammates, but it’s considerably harder to recreate ice.

On Monday, Pekka Rinne said the lack of ice time “will show for sure,” but he still doesn’t know when they’ll get back out there.

“To be honest with you, with all these different scenarios and rumors going on, we as players, as a team, we havent really talked about different options too much,” said Rinne. “I feel like everybody is kind of waiting for the bigger news that there’s some kind of direction that the league and the players association is going to take. It’s a complicated thing because at the same time safety first and health is the most important thing, but at least we’re headed into the right direction. I feel like it’s still going to take some time but I think thats very encouraging that there are news and reports that something’s starting to happen maybe.”

Rinne also said ideally, there would be some sort of training camp before meaningful hockey games start back up, but with all the unknowns, he said you just have to be ready.