‘No Vol walk and no running through the T’ VFL Josh Dobbs imagines college football without fans


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – At this point in our sports drought, it seems as though we as sports fans would do anything to have some live action back in our lives.

But what if “anything” involves fans.

It’s one of those concepts that sounds nice in theory, but would be a major change in practice. News 2’s Emily Proud asked a former collegiate quarterback who played in front of one of college football’s largest fan-bases at the University of Tennessee.

“I couldn’t fathom that in my mind,” said VFL and current Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Joshua Dobbs.

“The pageantry that goes into a college game day especially in Knoxville, you have to think, you’re doing the Vol walk with no one there. You’re walking into the stadium and no one’s there. You don’t run out of the “T”, there’s just so much stuff that goes into that.”

With century-long traditions in college football, for a lot of people, game day means much more than what happens end zone to end zone.

“Of course you go for the football, but there’s so much around the game that makes the environment. To take that away that would be tough,” he said.

For the diehards out there who are more invested in the action and the result, would it be worth playing in empty stadiums just to have football back?

“There is still something to getting those games televised where football is America’s pastime so people are getting the chance just to watch the game. You know, it might be a little different situation, different environment, and everyone’s going to have to make sacrifices at the end of the day with everything going on.”

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