Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- The NHL Stadium Series between the Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning is just days away, but the work on the venue is far from over.

The process of transforming the field into an ice rink takes about two weeks and sometimes the weather creates problems. NHL Senior Officer of Facility Operation Derek King said the amount of rain this week is more than they expected, which did require some longer work days.

“On Tuesday crews worked pretty much around the clock. We were removing water from nine in the morning and we worked through the night,” said King.

But this isn’t anything new. This crew builds outdoor stadiums all across the country, in different climates, and so they make sure to always build in extra time.

“Our plan at the start of the build was getting ahead of schedule a bit and that is what we started to do. We painted white earlier than we normally do and we got our lines and logos just in anticipation of the rain we were told we were going to get,” said King.

With just a few more days until the Stadium Series, the ice building process is still ongoing, but everything is timing out well.

“Right now the ice is a little thicker than we’d like it to be and that’s fine, but we’ll just have to change to how we’re going to manage the (ice) truck on game day,” added King.

Nashville is expected to get more rain on Thursday, but King said that won’t disrupt the process. They took out one end of the boards on the rink, so they can remove water easily when needed.