Let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects… The NFL Salary Cap!

The league alerted teams Tuesday to expect a cap number next year of $208.2-million. Keep in mind that number is not as high as it would have been because they borrowed against it last year during all of the covid shutdowns.

Right now according to Spotrac.com the Titans have over $6-million in rollover money and about $200-million in contracts for next year.

That means their cap number is about $214-million and they have abut $14-million in space. That may seem like a lot. It’s not. Keep in mind they have to sign an entire draft class, sign free agents and resign some of their own potential free agents.

Harold Landry alone could end up costing the Titans between $15-$18-million a year if they can resign him.

The Titans have several veterans that offer them significant cap relief if they want to waive them or restructure their deals.

Taylor Lewan – 2022 Cap Numbers

Cap Hit -$14.69-Million

Dead Money – $1.79-Million

Rodger Saffold – 2022 Cap Numbers

Cap Hit – $12.875-Million

Dead Money – $2.375-Million

Jackrabbit Jenkins – 2022 Cap Numbers

Cap Hit – $10.2-Million

Dead Money – $3.2-Million

I just don’t know if they can justify Jenkins $10-million price tag next year.

Taylor Lewan and Rodger Saffold continue to battle thru injuries on an offensive line that is getting old.

There are some other players to consider, some that may surprise you.

The Titans can save $3.3-million moving on from Kendall Lamm. His cap number is $4.15-million and his dead number is $850,000.

Zach Cunningham’s cap number is $10.5-million with a dead number of $0. That’s a deal that has to be redone or eliminated.

Then there’s Brett Kern. Seriously. His cap number is $3.75-million and his dead money is $550,000 creating $3.2-million in relief.

We’ve seen all the ways they can manipulate the numbers and the Titans obviously have some manipulating to do!