Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- Former Commodore infielder Julian Infante was a leader for the Vandy Boys, and never turns down an opportunity to make a difference.

“It all started with a few friends of mind bringing me on board. They had the idea of exterior cleaning, so we started cleaning buildings and with everything going the way it’s going, we really saw the opportunity the help people out with sanitation,” said Infante.

Andrew Ashur is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lucid technologies, a company that during the Coronavirus pandemic, has developed drone technology to clean big spaces quickly and safely.

“There is obviously health implications, wanting to provide fans with a healthy sanitized environment and psychology, giving these fans a place to feel comfortable and trying to get them comfortable with going to sporting events,” said Ashur.

Getting stadiums and venues ready in a timely matter is Lucid’s top priority.

“People are going through stadiums with these nozzle sprayers and it takes hours, and with our technology we’re still able to fly over and do the same amount, the correct way,” added Infante.

While some teams are still restricting fans from attending games, others are allowing spectators and for that reason the drone is getting good use.

“We have some commitments from some professional teams and universities. We are excited to deploy and scale throughout the country,” said Ashur.

And while it’s not baseball, Infante knows he’s still contributing in some way, bringing the sports world and its fans back to normal sooner than later.

“It’s something once you see it you’re going to recognize how much this can make an impact,” said Infante.

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