Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- Tyra Gittens, a proud graduate of Ensworth School, is simply ‘Gitty’ to have the opportunity to compete in the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.

“I’m just ready to go,” Gittens told News 2’s Kayla Anderson.

The Texas A&M track and field star will represent her country of Trinidad and Tobago, after beating the 6.82 meter-qualifying standard for the long jump during the Heptathlon at the 2021 SEC Track & Field Championships. The funny part about it, that isn’t even her specialty event.

“I’m a heptathlete, so I usually train for seven events and don’t have time to focus on just one. But over the summer I’ve been able to focus the long jump and I’ve learned so much,” said Gittens.

But it’s about more than just going to the Olympics, Gittens said that she’s completely changed her training and diet over the last month and she truly feels ready to compete at the top.

“This is business because I’m not just going to be an Olympian, I’m going to win a medal.”

While Gittens is thrilled to be going to Tokyo to compete, things still won’t be normal. This week it was announced that fans were banned from the Olympic venues. She said it’s disappointing, but at the same time it won’t effect the way she competes.

“It doesn’t make any difference for me because my event is an all-day event so normally we don’t get people in the crowds anyway,” said Gittens. “More so I guess because the culture of the Olympics is all about the fans and nations coming together, that’s a bummer I won’t get to experience that.”

Gittens won’t hear cheers in the stadium, but she will feel love from all over the world. The 23-year-old will be rooted on by her country, Texas A&M and of course Nashville, where she really honed her track and field skills.

“It’s about my community and my family. A lot of those people do come from Nashville, so it’s an honor. I can see my support system and how proud I’m making them,” added Gittens.

And while she is a little nervous knowing this is her moment to shine, it’s all about making the most of this special moment.

“It’s so important to give it your all and I feel so blessed,” said Gittens.