Road 2 The Cup: In a Game 7, anything can happen

Nashville Predators

Heading into Game 7 the Preds and the Jets are tied in even strength shot attempts and even strength shots on goal. Nashville holds the edge in even-strength goals by one.  

In a series that has been remarkably close over six games, one game at Bridgestone Arena will decide it all. 

Anything can happen in a Game 7.  

In 2016, #PlayoffColinWilson was born. 

That same year, we saw what could happen to a tired, inexperienced Preds team in the second round.  

Does all of that really matter though? Does any of it matter in this series?  

Both teams have gone 1-2 on their home ice. Both teams are considered to have some of the best fans in the league. It doesn’t make sense.  

Both goalies are nominated for the Vezina Trophy. Still, though, both keepers are giving up more than 3 goals per game this series. It doesn’t make sense.  

This is a second round series between the two best teams in the Western Conference. It doesn’t make sense.  

Filip Forsberg is scoring goals from his back and from between his legs. It’s awesome, but it doesn’t make sense.  

This is what Game 7s are supposed to be like.  

If they torture fans, imagine what it’s like for the players.  

Experts and analysts all throughout North America have been waiting on this series since February. Even then they said it would go the distance. Even though they were right about that, I doubt they really have any idea how Thursday night will go.  

The Preds first-ever Game 7 ended with the Preds beating the Ducks 2-1. Both Preds goals were scored in the first period. The game-winner was scored by unlikely hero Paul Gaustad.  

If Nashville has their way I would expect to see a similar game on Thursday.  

As I wrote on Monday, Nashville is seeing success when they make it hard for Winnipeg to enter the offensive zone and they can break up plays before they start. That should make for a very defensive game – the type of game where Nashville has a clear advantage.  

If you see a fellow Preds fan, shake their hand or give them a hug. Let them know that you know how they’re feeling.  

Thursday night will be tense, but at least the game isn’t at 8:30.  

Hunter Patterson is a Social Media Marketer at WKRN and an avid Preds fan. His favorite Predator ever is Jerred Smithson and he realizes that’s a little weird. You can read Hunter’s Tweets at @hpatt15 and listen to his Preds-centric podcast, The GMDP, here. 

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