Only 5 Predators haven’t scored in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but who?

Nashville Predators

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The number of Predators players who have scored goals in the playoffs has been the talk of the season.

Nineteen different skaters have goals, and that’s not just a franchise record but it’s nearing an NHL one.

There are 24 men on the roster, so only five haven’t gotten a point in the playoffs.

So our very own Kara Hammer asked around: If 24 skaters have played, and 19 have goals, can anyone name the five who don’t?

“I don’t even want to name the five,” said goalie Juuse Saros. “Salomaki, Weber, Irwin… I got those three.”

“I won’t be able to so why bother with it? No, honestly, I won’t be able to,” said sportscaster Pete Weber.

“Mikka Salomaki, I know, Matt Irwin and Yannick Weber, I know… and Mike Fisher, I know, but the fifth guy, he’s like the fifth Beatle. Who is he?” said Sports Director Cory Curtis.

“Mike Fisher, P.A. Parentau, Matt Irwin, Yannick Weber, and Mikka Salomaki,” said Tennessean’s beat reporter, Adan Vingan.”

Kara then asked each of them they think the 20th skater to score will be. The answer was unanimous.

“Well, I’m an old guy, and old guys got to stick together, so I got to go with Mike Fisher,” said Curtis.

“Could be Fish tonight. I hope so,” said Saros.

“Mike Fisher. He’s been playing really well in the Stanley Cup Final,” Vingan said.

“I would say Mike Fisher is the most likely of those to score,” said Weber, who them dropped a possible scenario, saying, “Yannick Weber with a shot from the point, though he might not get credit for it. It will bounce in off Mikka Salomaki’s shin. There you go. How do you like that scenario?”

Kara says if she had to take a guess, she’s on board with Mike Fisher as well.

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