Nashville fitness community shifts focus, adjusts to CDC guidelines


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It is starting to seem like no business or industry is immune to the changing times as the world tries to “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of COVID-19.

That includes the fitness industry.

Studios and gyms across the world are having to close their doors because of new social distancing standards. On the other side of things, people who attend group fitness classes or go to a gym are having to adjust their lifestyles as well.

But, one thing remains through this time, getting your sweat on doesn’t stop.

“One thing that’s great about Nashville is everybody still has to get their sweat on. So, a lot of them (studios) have actually been renting out their equipment to local members,” said Nashville Fitness Magazine’s owner and founder Ryan Freebing. “I was actually just at a gym the other day and there was a line about 40 cars deep with people that want to rent out equipment, like rowers and dumbbells and barbells and things like that.”

In addition to renting out equipment, they’re also offering online options to access classes and training.

“They’re offering online classes as well too, so a lot of Instagram and Facebook live events that are happening within the community. They’re also offering workouts at home too, so they’re posting home workouts, how they can get their sweat on with the equipment they have available.”

Freebing recommends people keep connected with their studio community during this time and look for ways to offer up support. When things return back to normal, Freebing says Nashville Fitness Magazine will host an event to reinvigorate the Nashville fitness community.

You can head to their website to check out what local studios are offering.

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