NASCAR R&D parks car work for medical shields


American business continues to mobilize in the fight against Covid-19.

New Balance is making masks, Bauer is making face shields and now NASCAR is in the shield making business as well.

At the NASCAR Research and Development Center in Concord, North Carolina they worked with local health officials to use their two 3-D printers to start manufacturing the shields.

Eric Jacuzzi’s job at NASCAR is the Senior Director for Aerodynamics but now he is not designing faster race cars, he is trying to help save lives.

Jacuzzi says NASCAR is uniquely qualified to jump in and help, “we’ve got some of the best fabficators, engineers and mechanics use to working in a fast paced environment and use to working with high tech like a 3-D printer, CNC machines, all that kind of stuff, basically everything they need to get the car to the track every week. So you’ve got motivated, skilled people and you’ve go the technololgy to be able to help.”

The NASCAR R&D Center is printing medical masks with 3-D printers 24-7 in Concord, NC

The 3-D printers are producing three pieces that are then assembled by volunteers in the shop. It takes about two hours and twenty minutes to produce the three pieces, but running 24-7 they are producing about 40-50 shields a day.

Jacuzzi and NASCAR made their first delivery of 160 shields to NOVANT health in Charlotte on Wednesday.

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