Man attempts to run 50 races in 50 days

"This is the Mississippi Gulf Marathon, I recommend that to anyone it's on the beach." 

Travis Bright calls himself a connoisseur of running. 

He's been hitting the pavement, racking up the miles over the past few years. 

Bright said, "Well for me I used to be athletic and I used to play a lot of racquetball and then we had our second child and it got to the point where I decided I'd try and start running.  I got into it and decided I'm just going to run a mile." 

That mile turned into five miles, then 10 and it didn't stop there. 

"My wife said to me you should do something more and make it into something," added Bright. 

"We decided we're going to do the 50 states, so I was going to run a half marathon in every state," said Bright. 

And so, it began.  Starting in Tennessee and making stops in Pennsylvania, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas even Montana. 

"Race to the pub, that's fun everyone dresses up like leprechauns, it's a good race," added Bright. 

With all those miles logged and calories burned, bright expected to lose weight, but the scale said otherwise. 

"I was one of those guys that thought as long as I'm running all the time I can eat whatever I want and I winded up getting diagnosed with pre-diabetes," said Bright.  

So along with a new diet, he kicked up the running. 

Bright said, "I've lost 40 pounds since then since getting rid of the pre-diabetes and it's really become my thing I run four or five times a day and early in the morning and it's both the best thing physically and mentally so it's part of what I do." 

That's what helped him complete the latest mission- five half marathons in five days. 

"I'd get up at three a.m. and drive to a different state, run a race for two hours, hop back in the car spend all day doing family stuff.  Then do it again the next morning," exclaimed Bright. 

Just like that, five medals added to the map, bringing the total to 13 and counting. 

Bright said, "If you aren't kind of scared if you won't be embarrassed to tell everyone you didn't make it then it's not really motivating but that's what you learn.  You can pick those goals and then do it if you put in the training and time and attention." 

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