Local endurance racing season in jeopardy from Covid-19


The uncertainty around Covid-19 not only has professional sports on hold, it has the endurance racing season in jeopardy all over the United States.

In Nashville the Rock’n’Roll Marathon April 25-26 has been postponed, so has the Purity Dairy Pure Dash and the Wonder Woman run slated for May 3rd has been cancelled. The first two races are still hoping to reschedule for later this year.

Above the Fold racing operates out of Franklin, Tennessee and puts on seven racing events a year in Tennessee and Kentucky.

ATF President Joe Fleenor says they have not had to postpone or cancel any races yet, “when all of this starting coming out a week or two ago I was feeling good about it, we’ve got plenty of time. It’s amazing how quickly that thought process has changed for me where now you’re seeing major events and major international events like the Olympics that are in July cut the chord.”

Above the Fold President Joe Fleenor says local races simply can’t afford to miss a single race.

Fleenor says cancelling a race is crushing and postponing can be logistically very difficult. Most of their races are triathlons which require roads to be closed, waters to be monitored and almost every aspect of a city operations involved.

“Ironman and Rock and Roll marathons and those entities out there that’s a whole unique situation because they’re publicly traded companies with billions of dollars.” Fleenor said, “They can afford to have a one year kind of loss. We can’t, we can’t really afford to have one race loss. So, we are looking at all options there.”

Fleenor says they have already incurred marketing, permit fees and staff expenses, but the big expenses of buying medals, port-o-potties and t-shirts has not, but it is not far away. Those orders have to be made at the end of April giving them about a month to see if the U.S. can win its race with Covid-19.

“We’re in a weird situation with how to proceed” Fleenor added because the clock is ticking and while they want to proceed they do not want more people signing up for a race that in the end does not happen.

Above the Fold’s first race is Tri-Louisville June 6th and 7th with Hops for Pops in Nashville coming June 20th.

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