Jon Robinson calls Covid-19 “extremely humbling”


Titans general manager Jon Robinson said he is not aware of anyone in the organization testing positive for Covid-19 but he called dealing with the global pandemic “extremely humbling” on Wednesday.

On a lengthy conference all Robinson spoke to media members for the first time since the pandemic hit the U.S. and started by thanking all of the medical professionals fighting the virus. He said his family is OK, but he does check in on his grandmother who says she has not seen anything like this in her lifetime.

Robinson and the rest of the Titans front office is working from home because of an NFL order to stay out and because of Nashville’s stay at home order. That means a lot of conference calls and a lot of digital meetings on zoom and skype.

“We have access to our data base remotely, with all of the draft evaluations, the medical information that we have.” Robinson said, “There’s not a lot of timing and testing data for players that didn’t go to the combine”.

Right now he talks every day over the phone with head coach Mike Vrabel and has “webconferences’ with his scouting staff.

It also means no face to face meetings with potential draft picks and that is what Robinson said is one of the most difficult aspects of this right now, “that is one of the things I really looked forward to in the Spring. Either going to a Pro Day or a private workout, the visits we’re allowed to have here in Nashville. Sitting down across from a prospect and getting to know them as a person.”

The draft is three weeks away for Robinson, the Titans and the rest of the NFL. He said it is a very real possibility the Titans have a digital war room on “zoom, microsoft teams or some type of web based interaction.”

The draft and free agency or Robinson’s sole focus right now, when asked about the possibility of their not being a season he simply said they “haven’t even discussed” that scenario.

NFL training camps open in four months, the season starts in five, maybe.

It’s a season of change for football. From the NFL to high school, News 2 digs deeper into the impact COVID-19 is having on the game.
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