NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It was emotional Wednesday afternoon at the Saint Thomas Sports Park as the Titans and Jeffrey Simmons finalized his four year extension.

Simmons shed tears reflecting on his mother having to struggle to raise him and his four siblings. But today, he says it’s all about creating generational wealth after signing a 4-year, $92 million deal.

“That’s why I do it for man,” said Simmons. “Every day I wake up I just think about the hard times where I know my mom didn’t feel like it. And for some time I could be like, I don’t feel — I’m hurting, but think about my mom having to raise five kids on her own.

This wasn’t an easy process. Simmons deactivated his Twitter account and removed anything with the Titans off his Instagram page. Even still, he knew he would suit up in the two-toned blue.

“I want to be here in Tennessee. I want to play in Tennessee, my career. I want to be here in Tennessee. A lot of people in Tennessee, most importantly, a lot of guys on his team.”

Simmons gave an update on his ankle saying, “I got it cleaned up” and “the work is just getting started.” He told the media his focus now is on consistency in his technique, fundamentals, and effort.