Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- The 2022 NFL Draft is just days away, and nobody seems to know what the Tennessee Titans are going to do with the No. 26 overall pick. The general consensus is that they will focus on the offensive side of the ball, building up the line or adding a top-notch wide receiver.

There is also a small chance Titans general manager Jon Robinson decides to shock everyone, taking a quarterback. Robinson and head coach Mike Vrabel spent plenty of time checking out QB prospects at their respected pro days, getting a good idea of what these guys could offer.

“It’s been good to spend a little bit of time with some of those guys, get to know those guys. That’s a hard position,” said Robinson. “There’s a lot that goes into that position. I think all the guys that are in this draft that we’ve talked to, you know, certainly seem capable and willing to learn and put the time in to make that transition.”

This crop of quarterbacks isn’t as talented compared to years past, however Robinson said his conversations were more based on leadership.

“I think you’re trying to identify leadership. How’s that guy going to lead a football team? What’s his level of competency? Certainly, probably going to be more well-versed in his specific offense, terminology-wise,” said Robinson. “And you can’t expect them to just be able to spit back like whatever we call a certain play or a certain defense,” said Robinson. “But can they associate, you know, the concept that we’re trying to talk about? But it’s really the leadership and the willingness to learn, the coachability.”

But even with some interest in these QB prospects, the Titans have said many times that Ryan Tannehill is their leader and that he will be the quarterback headed into this season.

ESPN Analyst Louis Riddick spoke with News 2’s Kayla Anderson ahead of the draft and shared his thoughts on the Titans potentially drafting a quarterback. He said count out the guys who should be high picks, Malik Willis and Kenny Pickett, and it’s not worth rolling the dice on guys like Desmond Ridder, Matt Corral and Sam Howell.

“Those guys all come with their own speculative projection as far as what they will ultimately be and is that a better alternative than what Ryan Tannehill can give you if he has his full compliment of weapons?” asked Riddick. “No, no they are not better than Ryan Tannehill.”

Riddick knows that isn’t something Tennessee fans probably want to hear, but it’s the truth. He brought up the point that as much as people want to inflate quarterback evaluations and inflate their stock because it’s an important position, it’s a dangerous path to go down.

“You never want to force that position, force that pick, force a transaction at that position simply because you feel if you sit pat, you’re going to get burned for not trying to improve your football team,” added Riddick.

Tannehill has elevated the Titans offense since joining the team in 2019, and while this past season wasn’t his best in Tennessee, it wasn’t bad.

“He was eighth in total QBR, tenth in completion percentage. Yes, he was 23rd in touchdown-interception ratio, but seventh on QBR on third down,” said Riddick. “He had a lot of good specific statistics that he was really good at.”

Riddick did acknowledge the fact that Tannehill did not perform well in the Divisional Round of the playoffs, where he threw three interceptions in the Titans loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. But he feels like overall, the decision to draft a quarterback in this draft, would not be the right move.