Diving into the mystery of Titans star Julio Jones 4th quarter absence


While the Titans put away the Colts Sunday two of their biggest offensive stars watched from the sidelines.

Wide receiver AJ Brown left the game in the 1st quarter with a hamstring strain while Julio Jones left the game in the 4th quarter and had everyone wondering why?

After the game Titans head coach Mike Vrabel called it a “maintenance” issue which seemed odd and unclear with the game still in doubt.

“If I wasn’t as clear as maybe I should have been or we would have liked me to be, I am just trying to tell you that it wasn’t a performance-related thing and that we will continue to make sure we get guys ready for the game and make sure that their health and their safety is paramount.” Vrabel said Monday, “We will see who is available this week, we will see how everybody else feels, we have a long injury report on Monday, and we practice on Wednesday.”

Monday Vrabel was adamant that it was not a performance issue. He said he is very happy with Julio, his effort and what he is and was doing on the football.

There was also no announcement about an injury either during or after the game however.

Vrabel tiptoed the subject and did not say Jones was hurt, but indicated he was hurting, “Guys get tight throughout the game, physically tight. Listen guys, this is going to be the least I talk about injuries. This is what we do, this is not an issue with his performance, this isn’t an issue with anything other than me making a decision and saying, ‘Hey man, let’s see if we can get through this, and survive, and win this football game. It is a long season.’”

Reading the tea leaves here he seems to be saying they could finish off the Colts without Jones on the field and it was more important to have him healthy next week when they visit the Jets, especially with Brown out with the hamstring strain.

We can take that as his answer now, but if he is not on the field Sunday at the Meadowlands more questions are sure to come.

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