We are three weeks and I’d like to say I know who’s who, but it is the wild west out there right now so I’m still throwing spitballs!

Your Week 4 NFL Power Rankings…

32. Chicago Bears (0-3) – The Fox broadcast crew embarrassed themselves when they said the Bears felt good coming into their game in Kansas City. How was the remotely believable after the week they had and the game was the capper!

31. Denver Broncos (0-3) – When you give up 70 points the team ranked below has to be realllllly bad. BTW, they gave up 70 with 8 minutes to play, the Dolphins took it easy on them!!!

30. Carolina Panthers (0-3) – Maybe when you’re playing a rookie QB or say an aging veteran like Andy Dalton in his place throwing the ball 58 times isn’t the best game plan? Just a thought.

29. Las Vegas Raiders (1-2) – If you hated Mike Vrabel’s decision to kick the FG late in New Orleans you loathe Josh McDaniel’s very existence. Which I have for a while. Pull the plug man.

28. Arizona Cardinals (1-2) – The team no one believes in but just goes out and plays hard each week. Good for Josh Dobbs getting his first W as a starting QB.

27. New York Jets (1-2) – Is their roster better than this? 52 of the 53 are, but Zach Wilson is the iceberg to this Titanic.

26. New York Giants (1-2) – They have played 12 quarters this season, 2 of them have been good.

25. Minnesota Vikings (0-3) – At some point you have to win games, especially when they are at home. Brandon Staley tried to hand them a win and they refused to take it.

24. Houston Texas (1-2) – The week to week growth of CJ Stroud has to be encouraging. 906 yards, 4 TD’s and 0 INT’s this season for the rookie from Ohio State.

23. Tennessee Titans (1-2) – Their offensive line was absolutely dominated in Cleveland. They have to figure out something to make it more consistently functional. Getting Peter Skoronski back will certainly help, but is he still a guard when he does?

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) – They look a lot like the Titans right now. They are having hard time up front and that makes it tough for any QB or genius offensive head coach.

21. New England Patriots (1-2) – They beat Zach Wilson. Yay. I’m sure that means they are headed back to the Super Bowl.

20. Los Angeles Rams (1-2) – They are in rebuilding mode and have found some nice offensive parts along the way with Williams and Nacua, but they need some of those pieces to be on the offensive line.

19. Washington Commanders (2-1) – They beat two bad teams then got whipped by a good one.

18. Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1) – Yes, they lost to the Eagles at home but Mike Evans looks reborn. He and Baker Mayfield seem to have a connection and that one handed grab was fire!!!

17. Los Angeles Chargers (1-2) – EKeenan Allen had a day in Minnesota! 18 receptions for 215 yards is amazing, doing it on 20 targets is just rubbing it in.

16. Indianapolis Colts (2-1) – They lead the AFC South, I can not believe we have not seen a barrage of tweets from Jim Irsay about the genius of his plan.

15. Atlanta Falcons (2-1) – At some point they have to get more from the talent inside Kyle Pitts. 9 receptions for 100 yards is simply wasting an asset.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) – Hitting the quarterback and causing turnovers wins a lot of games. It won the Steelers the last two against the Browns and Raiders.

13. Seattle Seahawks (2-1) – After that clunker against the Rams they have come back strong with back to back 37 point efforts against the Lions and Panthers.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) – Joe Burrows is clearly still hurting and not himself, but he and Jamarr Chase got back on track in the 2nd half against the Rams which is horrible news for Kristian Fulton and Sean Murphy-Bunting.

11. New Orleans Saints (2-1) – Can Jameis Winston take them to the “W” buffet while Derek Carr recovers?

10. Green Bay Packers (2-1) – They looked dead in the water against the Saints and while 18 points is not a ton, against that Saints defense it was a nice effort from Jordan Love and company in the 2nd half.

9. Baltimore Ravens (2-1) – Stole defeat from the jaws victory against the Colts. It is not all on Lamar Jackson, but he is talented enough to make sure they win that game.

8. Detroit Lions (2-1) – I think I would have to a lot of research to see the last time the Lions held on opponent to 6 points or less.

7. Cleveland Browns (2-1) – I will take the cheese on the Browns. 0 TD’s allowed in the first 3 games and as horrific as the Titans were they were the first team to get in the Red Zone against them. Jim Schwartz looks like he’s headed for head coach again.

6. Dallas Cowboys (2-1) – They are Lucy holding the football. C’mon guys.

5. Buffalo Bills (2-1) – Not quite as dead as some thought. After that disaster against the Jets they have outscored their last 2 opponents 75-13.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0) – Jalen Hurts is 20-1 in his last 21 starts. Well built team and he just wins games.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (2-1) – Undefeated with Taylor Swift in attendance. BTW Travis Kelce jersey sales are up 400%.

2. San Francisco 49ers (3-0) – They did not do anything to lose the top spot, the Dolphins just took it away. Christian McCaffrey is on pace for 380 total touches this year, can he hold up?

1. Miami Dolphins (3-0) – Are they the best team in the NFL? I don’t know. They just scored 70 though and put up over 700 yards of offense. Their plan masterfully fits their personnel.