Cory Curtis: Week 4 NFL Power Rankings


Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp (10) is hugged after his touchdown catch during the first half of an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021, in Inglewood, Calif. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

Tuesday is here and another round NFL Power Rankings!!! It’s Week 4 and things are all coming together.

Here we go…

33. New York Jets (0-3) – NFL teams should not be held to 6 points in 8 quarters no matter who they are playing.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) – Cliff Kingsbury tried his best to keep it close but Urban Meyer said “hold my beer and watch this….”

30. New York Giants (0-3) – On a team with Saquan Barkley on it Daniel Jones (the quarterback) is their leading rusher. Great Oden’s raven!!! What is going on!!!???

29. Houston Texans (1-2) – Yeah, Davis Mills was not horrible but the simple fact is they still only scored 9 points in that game! Enough with the love fest.

28. Chicago Bears (1-2) – Is Matt Nagy fired yet?

27. Detroit Lions (0-3, but we know they are really 1-2) – Even the officials are bad when the Lions play, they are probably just trying to fit in.

26. Indianapolis Colts (0-3) – How desperate were they to start Carson Wentz in that game? They are banged up and not very explosive.

25. Atlanta Falcons (1-2) – Arthur Smith gets in the column!!!

24. New England Patriots (1-2) – Their only win is over the JETS!!! How on Earth is this team ranked as high as it is in other rankings? Oh and they are getting DRILLED this Sunday.

23. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) – Chiefs, Panthers, Bucs, Raiders coming up… The Eagles may not win for a while.

22. Washington Football Team (1-2) – Really disappointed in this team this year. Defense has surrendered 72 points the last 2 weeks.

21. Miami Dolphins (1-2) – Shocked to see Jacoby Brissett take the Raiders to OT. Smart to see them reintroduce Mike Geisicki to the offense with 10 receptions.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2) – This is one of those times where I want to rank a team lower but the other terrible teams keep me from doing it.

19. Seattle Seahawks (1-2) – How they mighty have fallen. They have given up 63 points the last 2 weeks and can not stop the run, that will be a huge problem the next two weeks against the Rams and 49ers.

18. Minnesota Vikings (1-2) – They can score and if they can play any defense they’ll be OK this year. They’re a missed FG from back to back wins over the Cards & Seahawks.

17. Baltimore Ravens (2-1, but we know they are really 1-2) – I won’t pretend the Ravens won that game. They lost in Detroit to Jared Goff and Matt Campbell. Shame, shame, shame!!! 8 officials evidently can’t see “0” on the play clock.

16. Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) – Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase steal the headlines but Joe Mixon is averaging 95 yards a game on the ground with the Jags looming Thursday night!!!

15. New Orleans Saints (2-1) – So apparently the Saints are at their best when Jameis Winston is not throwing the ball downfield. In their 2 wins he has 128 and 148 yards.

14. San Francisco 49ers (2-1) – Deebo Samuel is a baller!! 20 Receptions, 334 yards this season.

13. Kansas City Chiefs (1-2) – Yeah, this is really low, but guys they have given up 95 points in 3 games!!!! 95!!!!

12. Denver Broncos (3-0) – I know they have not beaten anyone, but that’s not their fault. Still, I need to see more.

11. Tennessee Titans (2-1) – Second to last in the league in turnover ratio (-6). If they can get that stat turned around look out.

10. Carolina Panthers (3-0) – Sam Darnold to DJ Moore is a pretty solid hook up and that defense gets after it. Dare I say this is kind of a fun team to watch?

9. Los Angeles Chargers (2-1) – Went in to Arrowhead and won!!! We are seeing the start of 15 year rivalry between Pat Mahomes and Justin Herbert.

8. Green Bay Packers (2-1) – Is Davante Adams the best reveiver in the NFL?

7. Dallas Cowboys (2-1) – I know everyone loves to hate the Cowboys, but they have looked impressive and their only loss came in Tampa at the wire.

6. Cleveland Browns (2-1) – When Jadeveon Clowney gets a sack you know things are headed in the right direction!

5. Arizona Cardinals (3-0) – #1 in the NFL at 34.3 points per game and while it’s early Kyler Murray has to be an early MVP candidate.

4. Las Vegas Raiders (3-0) – I seriously can not believe I’m doing this. They are winning though and beating decent competition!!!Also Derek Carr is AVERAGING over 400 yards a game. 6800 yards would be an NFL record.

3. Buffalo Bills (2-1) – After that early hiccup against Pittsburgh they’ve won their last 2 games by a combined 57 points.

2. Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1) – We’ve been waiting for this. The Brady – Belichick game is on deck, batten down the hatches!!!

1. Los Angeles Rams (3-0) – They looked every bit of the best team in the league with a dominant win over Brady and the Bucs.

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