Cory Curtis: Week 2 NFL Power Rankings


Tennessee Titans wide receiver Corey Davis during the second half of an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome to another edition of the greatest Facebook weekly segment ever created… My NFL Power Rankings…

Week 2… Here ya go.

32. New York Jets – Adam Gase is terrible, his team is terrible and let’s face it the Jets green uniforms are terrible.

31. Detroit Lions – I don’t know what’s worse a dropped, easy-peasy game winning TD or allowing Mitch Trubisky to dial you up for 21 in the 4th quarter?

30. Cincinnati Bungles – No, Joe Burrow’s debut wasn’t a disaster, but 13 points and 0 TD’s with AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Joe Mixon in his arsenal I need more to call it good.

29. New York Giants – I picked Darius Slayton in all of my fantasy drafts… The Giants look to be playing from behind again so I like that pick.

28. Miami Dolphins – Ryan Fitzpatrick has to be better than that. That is all.

27. Cleveland Browns – I know the Ravens are good, but 6 points! C’mon man! O’dell, Jarvis, Hooper, Chubb, Hunt, adding Conklin and 6 points is it?

26. Jacksonville Jaguars – I applaud the Jaguars and their understanding that “we” is greater than “me”… Change in culture, change in result. Well done.

25. Carolina Panthers – The Cats gave the Raiders a run and Teddy Bridgewater had a nice first outing. The defense was bad last year and it’s starting that way again.

24. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan is the new Jon Kitna. He’s fantasy gold as the Falcons throw it 50 times trying to rally.

23. Washington Football Team – Leadership makes a difference. What a turnaround from Ron Rivera’s team after being down 17-0. They’ve been adding defense for years and Carson Wentz felt every bit of it in the 2nd half as he was sacked 8 times.

22. Denver Broncos – Coaching faux pas, dropped passes and injuries. That about covers it. OK, the defense tackled well and brought pressure. Now I’m done.

21. Houston Texans – I totally see how they’re better with DeAndre Hopkins. Yes, that’s sarcasm.

20. Indianapolis Colts – Pulled off the stunner of the weekend, losing at Jacksonville. Let’s see how long it takes for everyone to jump off the Phillip Rivers train.

19. Philadelphia Eagles – I mean, what the hell?

18. Los Angeles Chargers – Completely unimpressive in victory.

17. Las Vegas Raiders – If Henry Ruggs can stay healthy he’s going to be exciting to watch.

16. Chicago Bears – Mitch!!!!!! He has to be more consistent. He can’t have his play vary so wildly.

15. Minnesota Vikings – One of the most disappointing teams in the NFL week 1.

14. New England Patriots – I’ll move them up but I’m not saying I was wrong! Ohhh and Cam will never survive 15 carries a game.

13. Dallas Cowboys – I don’t care what the analytics says, tie the game. Don’t over think it.

12. Tampa Bay Bucs – They’ll get better. Too much talent, too good of a coach.

11. Arizona Cardinals – I know the 49ers are banged up, but that is an impressive win and way to use your new toy! 14 receptions for DeAndre Hopkins.

10. Buffalo Bills – They beat the Jets. Eye roll.

9. Los Angeles Rams – Malcolm Brown was surprisingly effective out of the backfield and Aaron Donald is just a very bad man.

8. San Francisco 49ers – They have to get some bodies back on the field. If they are without Kittle they’ve got real problems.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers – JuJu’s back! Not a real surprise with a real quarterback slinging it again. That defense is nasty.

6. Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson is an MVP candidate once again. Can DK Metcalf eat with those hands?

5. Tennessee Titans – 4 different receivers saw at least 7 targets, that’s a nice step for this offense to be more varied in the passing game. Corey Davis was dominant with 7 receptions for 101 yards.

4. New Orleans Saints – It’s going to a struggle to find some rhythm in the passing game without Michael Thomas for a while. Emmanuel Sanders is a sweet fantasy pickup right now.

3. Green Bay Packers – I may loath the Packers, but that was a beat down in Minneapolis.

2. Baltimore Ravens – Yep, already wondering of Lamar Jackson is even better than last season. If he can throw more and run less he’ll last longer.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Andy Reid couldn’t even see his play card and they still destroyed the Texans.

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