Cory Curtis: Week 15 NFL Power Rankings


SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 24: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers leaves the field after a loss to the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium on November 24, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

We’ve got a bakers dozen in the books, we thought we had separated good from bad…

However!!! We’ve got risers and we’ve got fallers… Some are surprising, some have been here before.

My Week 15 NFL Power Rankings….

10,594,139,982. New York Jets (0-13) – It’s a new record low for the Jets who just fell behind the 10-year old Brentwood Blaze in the rankings after completely no showing in Seattle.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-12) – On a pure math basis they should be 31, but this team doesn’t deserve that. 12 straight wins does not deserve to be really above the 32nd ranking, so they also defy the standards of a 32 team ranking.

30. Cincinnati Bengals (2-10-1) – I know Joe Burrow is hurt, but for a team with this many weapons on offense to be ranked 29th is unbelievable. Maybe work on the offensive line, just a thought.

29. Houston Texans (4-9) – As a lifelong Chicago Bears fan I never thought I see the day Mitchell Trubisky would best Deshaun Watson. That’s how bad the Texans are at this point.

28. Detroit Lions (5-8) – I wanted to put the Lions 29th, but just couldn’t. They beat the Bears the week before.

27. Dallas Cowboys (4-9) – Andy Dalton wins his revenge game. Glad he could put a bow on the 2020 season.

26. Carolina Panthers (4-9) – They are middle of the road on offense and defense, they are +5 in turnovers… How the heck are they so bad?

25. Philadelphia Eagles (4-8-1) – When your offensive line is that bad mobility matters. For now Jalen Hurts can move the chains with his feet and splash thru the air, eventually he will have to do more.

24. Atlanta Falcons (4-9) – With all of those weapons they have score 17 or less in 3 of their last 4 games. Matt Ryan has 11 interceptions this season, but the Falcons are still +3 in turnovers making their demise even harder to understand.

23. Denver Broncos (5-8) – Yep, I’m on a turnover kick this week and the Broncos are dead last at -18. 21 interceptions in 13 games is A LOT.

22. New England Patriots (6-7) – I believe the stat I saw stated they are the only team that has taken at least 4 plays to score every touchdown this season. They have no big play ability on offense.

21. Chicago Bears (6-7) – Mitchell Trubisky has led the Bears to 25, 30 and 36 points the last three weeks. Yes, opponents are part of it and no I don’t think he’s the long term answers, but maybe that switch in week 3 was a little hasty.

20. Los Angeles Chargers (4-9) – They FINALLY won a close game!

19. San Francisco 49ers (5-8) – Still violently opposed to letting Raheem Mostert run free.

18. New York Giants (5-8) – It was a nice run for the Giants, but with the Browns and Ravens looming their little trip to fantasy island is over. Now, back to the island of misfit toys.

17. Las Vegas Raiders (7-6) – I’ve seen this act before. Last year 6-4, talking playoffs and they fell of a cliff losing 5 of their last 6. This year 6-3, flying high, now they’ve lost 3 of 4…

16. Minnesota Vikings (6-7) – Kickers man.

15. Washington Football Team (6-7) – Alex Smith deserves all of the attention he has received, but isn’t it time to talk about Ron Rivera as NFL Coach of the Year?

14. Arizona Cardinals (7-6) – Haason Reddick had a modest game last week with 5 tackles… Oh, all 5 tackles were SACKS!

13. Miami Dolphins (8-5) – Everything we see from this team says the same thing, you do not want to play them in the next few years.

12. Tampa Bay Bucs (8-5) – Something must have happened in the Bye week as Brady threw a season low 24 passes against Minnesota. Yes, running it matters.

11. Baltimore Ravens (8-5) – Everything I want to say here has some kind of bathroom joke in it, so I will refrain, because after all I want this list to be #1, not #2! 😉

10. Cleveland Browns (9-4) – How do I have the Browns ahead of the Ravens? It’s my poll!

9. Indianapolis Colts (9-4) – TY Hilton is captain of the All-Zombie team. He is back from the dead! At least 4 catches for 80 yards over the last 3 weeks with 4 TD’s.

8. Tennessee Titans (9-4) – If that defense can get off the field they can beat a lot of people. Over 30 points in 4 straight games, I never thought I’d see a Titans offense this potent.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-2) – Think this is too low? Tough. Watch them play, I thought about putting them lower. They can not run the ball at all, receiving corps is plagued by drops and Big Ben looks like he is wearing down.

6. Seattle Seahawks (9-4) – What separates the Seahawks from the other 9-4 teams? Russell Wilson.

5. Los Angeles Rams (9-4) – Jared Goff still scares the daylights out of me, but that defense is there every week. Cam Akers has also given their offense a late season jolt!

4. Buffalo Bills (10-3) – Josh Allen’s accuracy is off the charts better. Up over 11 percent from last season.

3. New Orleans Saints (10-3) – It wasn’t surprising to see Taysom Hill have some inconsistency. What was so shocking was to see the Eagles run all over them. 2-100 yard rushers for Philly when the Saints had not giving up 1 in over 3 years.

2. Aaron Rodgers (10-3) – Excuse me, Green Bay Packers. Rodgers could be the NFL MVP, again. Jordan Love better get use to that clip board.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (12-1) – They can score so quickly you never feel like they are in danger of losing a game.

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