Cory Curtis: Week 14 NFL Power Rankings


Tennessee Titans defensive end Jurrell Casey plays against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/James Kenney)

We are 13 weeks in and have had some very interesting developments. Some teams have proven to be absolute frauds (rhymes with now-toys) and others that I thought were frauds have proven me wrong and are now ranked #1….

That’s why we play the games…

And it’s why we change the NFL Power Rankings every week!

32. New York Jets (4-8) – Are the Jets the worst team in the NFL? No, no they are not, bu they lost to both the Dolphins and the Bungles so I just felt I owed them this humiliation.

31. Cincinnati Bengals (1-11) – They escaped the abyss of 0-16 so instead of looking like “Smiggles” from Lord of the Rings they simply look like one of those orcs.

30. New York Giants (2-10) – They’ve got their quarterback and they’ve got their running back… No on to the other 51 spots.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8) – When you lose by 17 points at home and it’s your “best” performance in a month you have to consider yourself fortunate to be locked in at 29.

28. Washington Redskins (3-9) – Two shocking wins in a row. How bad are they? Well when they beat Carolina the Panthers fired head coach Ron Rivera. Yeah, they are that bad.

27. Miami Dolphins (3-9) – This is NOT A JOKE. If it were not for John Harbaugh I think Brian Flores would get some votes for coach of the year. He’s winning when everyone around him is TRYING to lose.

26. Atlanta Falcons (3-9) – I texted with Mike Mularkey today. He’s a great man and a really good football coach. Just check out how good Austin Hooper as this year.

25. Detroit Lions (3-8-1) – The Lions had some things go against them early in the season, now they’re on to QB #3 and just waiting for another season to end.

24. Denver Broncos (4-8) – They’re actually 4-4 since starting 0-4, but they’re still terrible.

23. Arizona Cardinals (3-8-1) – I have been so over the top nice to this team and they do that on Sunday? They look like they’re headed for 9 straight losses to finish the season.

22. Los Angeles Chargers (4-8) – The most disappointing team in the NFL this season. Congrats & Merry Christmas!

21. Carolina Panthers (5-7) – Losing to the Redskins at home is like not being able to find a candy cane at Santa’s workshot in North Pole. Yeah, should be impossible, but yet they found a way!

20. Philadelphia Eagles (5-7) – They play in the NFC East so the national media loves them, but they are what their record says they are and they have been all season.

19. Tampa Bay Bucs (5-7) – I’d say Santa is going to give Jameis Winston a lump of coal for Christmas, but let’s be real, he’s going to give him an interception to go with the other 20 he has this year. Yeah, that’s a real thing! 20 INT’s in 12 games. Feels like 1978 all over again.

18. Cleveland Browns (5-7) – If you didn’t think this was an all out clown show before Freddie Kitchens sealed the deal with that “Pittsburgh started it” t-shirt. They deserved to lose to an inferior team because of inferior intelligence and maturity.

17. Dallas Cowboys (6-6) – The Chargers may be the “most disappointing” but the Cowboys win the award for doing the least with the most.

16. Indianapolis Colts (6-6) – 2 things, if they don’t get healthy they’re going to struggle and this is what happens when you teams show too much loyalty to players. Adam Vinatieri is killing them, he’s missed 8 field goals and 6 extra points. That’s 30 points!!!

15. Oakland Raiders (6-6) – Nice effort the last 2 weeks. They were outscored 74-12 with a playoff spot staring them in the face.

14. Chicago Bears (6-6) – If the Mitch Trubisky that plays the Lions could just show up against the other 30 teams the Bears would really have something.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5) – OK, Mike Tomlin would also get coach of the year votes if not for John Harbaugh and let’s be realistic he probably will anyway. What a job.

12. Los Angels Rams (7-5) – Beating the Cardinals does not save their season or indicate they are fixed. Show me what you got Sunday night against the Squawks.

11. Buffalo Bills (9-3) – Yep, they beat the daylights out of the Cowboys, just like every team with a winning record. They’re better than I’ve given them credit for, but they’re still Buffalo.

10. Tennessee Titans (7-5) – 5 wins in 6 games and the 2nd highest scoring offense in the NFL since Ryan Tannehill took over. Maybe more important though, Exotice Smashmouth is back and the Titans are once again embracing what they are and what they do well.

9. New England Patriots (10-2) – I know, you think I’m crazy, but look at the 8 teams in front of them and tell me with that offense which one you think they’re going to beat.

8. Minnesota Vikings (8-4) – Hard fought loss in Seattle. They need Dalvin Cook to be healthy for any chance at post season success.

7. Houston Texans (8-4) – Impressive defensive performance against the Patriots and DeAndre Hopkins is on pace for 115 catches this season.

6. Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) – They do not have the AFC West sewn up yet, but they will with a win in New England where they are 3 point dog. Give me the Chiefs and the points!

5. Green Bay Packers (9-3) – I wonder if there’s a stat for the Packers record when there is accumulating snow fall during the game? It has to be extraordinary.

4. New Orleans Saints (10-2) – They’ve got 3 straight tough ones with the 49ers, Colts and Titans. They’ll have a tough time getting home field.

3. San Francisco 49ers (10-2) – Packers, Ravens and Saints… That’s as tough of a 3 game stretch as any team in the league will face. So far they’re 1-1 and that’s not bad.

2. Seattle Seahawks (10-2) – Their only losses are to the Saints and Ravens. They play well every week, their consistency is amazing and it starts with Russell Wilson.

1. Baltimore Ravens (10-2) – 8 straight wins for the Ravens, but 49ers actually slowed them down holding Lamar Jackson to only 105 yards passing… Now, he rushed for 101, so there’s that.

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