After a long weekend I have returned, more well balanced and snarkier than ever.

Your Week 14 NFL Power Rankings.

50. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10) – I can not handle how bad this team is. It should have been exciting to watch Trevor Lawrence play and grow, it’s not. They don’t just lose, they lose terribly.

49. Houston Texans (2-10) – If the Texans and Jaguars were not in the AFC South they would both have been a threat to go 0-16.

30. Detroit Lions (1-10-1) – When you saw the Lions celebration you may have thought “act like you’ve done it before” but they had not. So we can lock that celebration away until 2023 when they win their next game with their next head coach.

29. Zach Wilson (3-9) – Yeah he’s terrible and with competent quarterback play the Jets would be much higher, maybe like 26 or 27!!! By the way, we all wanted the Titans to draft Elijah Moore and we were right.

28. Chicago Bears (4-8) – Why do I have to watch my beloved Bears get massacred by Aaron Rodgers in prime time again? I mean, c’mon man.

27. New York Giants (4-8) – Joe Judge has earned a lead roll in the next season of… “The Walking Dead” on AMC.

26. Carolina Panthers (5-7) – Remember the league wide celebration of Cam Newton in defeat? Get use to it.

25. Atlanta Falcons (5-7) – They’ve still go the Panthers and Lions so Arthur Smith can still win 7 games with this carcass this season.

24. Seattle Seahawks (4-8) – So they beat the 49ers and now they’ll be the Texans and everyone will say “look out here come the Seahawks” just stop. They’re done.

23. New Orleans Saints (5-7) – 5 losses in a row. Yeah, this team was 5-2 with wins over Green Bay, New England and Tampa Bay.

22. Cleveland Browns (6-6) – Browns fans just can’t have nice things.

21. Minnesota Vikings (5-7) – Big changes are coming in Minnesota. How would Russell Wilson look in a Vikings uniform?

20. Philadelphia Eagles (6-7) – It’s always amazing how conflicted everyone is when Gardner Minshew wins a game. His dad may not want to see him next time afterwards, if he does bring paramedics.

19. Las Vegas Raiders (6-6) – The Raiders are that blackjack table where every time the dealers deals he’s got a 10 showing. I mean it’s a nightmare right now.

18. Denver Broncos (6-6) -Still trying to understand that Courtland Sutton deal? Maybe they should trade him for Kenny Golladay?

17. San Francisco (6-6) – They have 3 tough road games ahead at the Bengals, Titans and Rams. They need at least 1 to get a winning record.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5-1) – Every old fighter has one great fight left in them. I think Ben’s win against the Ravens was it. Their schedule is brutal down the stretch and I don’t see them surviving it.

15. Washington Football Team (6-6) – My preseason pick to win the NFC East is back in the hunt. They’ve won 4 in a row and have not given up more than 21 points in any of those games. I don’t know what took so long but they finally figured out how to play defense again.

14. Miami Dolphins (6-7) – I told people a couple of weeks ago they could be on a 7 game win streak when they hit Nashville to play the Titans, well they’ve made 5 straight and have the Jets this week.

13. Los Angeles Chargers (7-5) – Yeah, I got nothing.

12. Buffalo Bills (7-5) – What? Huh? How? So disappointing.

11. Indianapolis Colts (7-6) – The NFL’s darlings go head to head next week when they host the Patriots in what is almost a can’t lose game for the Titans. They’ll benefit either way.

10. Baltimore Ravens (8-4) – That loss is a microcosm of the Ravens. It’s all on Lamar Jackson. He hits the easy pass they win, he misses they lose.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (7-5) – Yeah, they’re ahead of the Ravens purely out of spite and I’m good with that.

8. Dallas Cowboys (8-4) – Can they hold off Washington? They should, but the division could be a lot more interesting after this weekend.

7. Los Angeles Rams (8-4) – Excited to see former Ravenwood star having a real quality season for the Rams in year 2 with 39 receptions, 621 yards and 5 TD’s.

6. Tennessee Titans (8-4) – If they get guys back at the rate I expect them to I still expect them to earn the #1 seed in the AFC.

5. New England Patriots (9-4) – I don’t think they’re the 5th best team, but they keep winning so here they are.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) – People don’t want to hear this, but look out for the Chiefs who have not given up more than 17 points in a game since leaving that stinker behind them in Nashville.

3. Tampa Bay Bucs (9-3) – I still think this is a team no one wants to play in January. Tom Brady needs 16 TD’s in 5 weeks to hit 50, again.

2. Green Bay Packers (9-3) -I really like Jake from State Farm. I don’t need the double-check discount to keep my State Farm Agent. Hi Bruce!

1. Arizona Cardinals (10-2) – The way they are demolishing teams on the road make this look like a team built for the post season. They’re 7-0 on the road with every win by at least 10 points.