Cory Curtis: Week 11 NFL Power Rankings


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) throws a pass during an NFL football training camp practice Friday, Aug. 28, 2020, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Happy Wednesday to all and the NFL has developed into a mosh pit. Yes, we will continue to rank them but with so many teams in such similar territory it’s like trying to find your favorite wrestler, who isn’t Andre the Giant, in a battle royal (which Andre never lost).

Here we go, your Week 11 NFL Power Rankings…

1,200,304. New York Jets (0-9) – When we last saw the Jets they were blowing a big 4th quarter lead to a pathetic Patriots team. It’s almost like they’re trying to lose… Almost 😉

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) – 8 straight losses after that opening day stunner. In the words of Dennis Greene, “they are who we thought they were”…

30. Dallas Cowboys (2-7) – Andy Dalton back! So now the Boys can bring a BB gun to a gunfight instead of a spoon.

29. Houston Texans (2-7) – Tell me who are those two wins over? Oh the Jags and the…… Jags. Oh, ugh and remember no 1st or 2nd round picks… Well, they exist, they just belong to Miami.

28. Washington Football Team (2-7) – I’ve never really been a fan of Washington or of Alex Smith, but man, what a story and you bet I’m pulling for him now. When does Disney release his movie?

27. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5-1) – I’m glad Doug Pederson is “pissed off”… Just imagine how upset he would be if he had paid for tickets to watch this pile of hot garbabe?

26. The Bungles (2-6-1) – Joe Burrow’s first game against the Steelers didn’t go so well. Welcome to the club Joe, welcome to the club.

25. New York Giants (3-7) – They have won 3 of their last 5, but those games were against the NFC East and until we can confirm there is an actual NFL team in that division those wins will not count.

24. Carolina Panthers (3-7) – Meow… The cats have lost their claws and their fangs and even their nasty tuna breath… They’ve lost 5 straight and Mike Davis has turned from fantasy gold to just another guy who lets me down on Sunday.

23. Denver Broncos (3-6) – The good news is Jerry Jeudy’s targets are up! The bad news is he’s catching less than 50% of them! This team also has not beaten anyone.

22. Los Angeles Chargers (2-7) – I swear this team has some kind of voodoo curse on it! Did they fire Bobby Boucher as the waterboy or something?

21. San Francisco 49ers (4-6) – With the injuries piling up for this team apparently they wronged Bobby Boucher as well. Cursed.

20. New England Patriots (4-5) – I will not proclaim this team “fixed”. They are not. They rallied late to beat the worst team on the planet and got by the Ravens in a monsoon.

19. Chicago Bears (5-5) – If the choice is between Foles and Trubisky after the bye they have to go back to Mitchell. That offensive line is so bad they HAVE to have mobility at the quarterback position.

18. Detroit Lions (4-5) – The schedule sets up for the Lions to have a real chance at 7-5 and then breaking their fans hearts by finishing 7-9… They won’t, they’ll blow it well before then. I mean, they are the Lions.

17. Atlanta Falcons (3-6) – If Raheem Morris wants the job this is the time to prove he deserves it. They’ve got the Saints, Raiders and Saints the next 3 weeks. Win some big boy games!!!

16. Minnesota Vikings (4-5) – 3 straight wins followed by the Cowboys, Panthers and Jags. Folks the Vikes are back and they’re going to the playoffs. Book it.

15. Cleveland Browns (6-3) – They’re really going to have their mess their trousers to not get to 10 wins this year, but hey it’s not like Cleveland has a history of horrific defeats or anything.

14. Tennessee Titans (6-3) – From 5-0 and the top seed, to 6-3 and out of the playoffs it’s been a freefall for the Titans who have regressed in all 3 phases. Now did Mike Vrabel fix any of it in the “mini-bye”?

13. Seattle Seahawks (6-3) – Just like the Titans they’ve gone from 5-0 to lose 3 of 4, figuring out why is easy… Russell Wilson has 7 interceptions in those 3 losses. Superman has been hit by kryptonite.

12. Los Angeles Rams (6-3) – I’m not sold on the Rams yet. Their 24 points per game are 18th in the league and is Jared Goff really worth all that money?

11. Indianapolis Colts (6-3) – I liked what I saw from Michael Pittman in Nashville. He could be a legit threat for the Colts, but first he has to play a team that actually tries to cover him.

10. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) – 2nd in the NFL in rushing but the offense just does not look the same as last year. Teams are catching on and the next move is on Lamar Jackson who is now 0-6 when down by 10 points.

9. Arizona Cardinals (6-3) – For years as a Cubs fan I heard about Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio… Now the football Cards have pulled off an all-time trade with DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson. Can the Texans fire Bill O’Brien again, I mean he deserves it right?

8. Miami Dolphins (6-3) – This team is rolling and playing like it believes in the coach and the quarterback. We questioned the change, but most important the Dolphins didn’t and Tua Tagavailoa is 2-0.

7. Las Vegas Raiders (6-3) – Of all the 6-3 teams they are the one that beat Kansas City, so they get the top spot.

6. Buffalo Bills (7-3) – I like to give the Bills a hard time, so I will. 36 seconds? C’mon guys.

5. Green Bay Packers (7-2) – That’s as lackluster as you get beating the Jags. Rodgers 26 TD’s, 3 INT’s, that’s video game stuff.

4. Tampa Bay Bucs (7-3) – So when Brady is bad, he’s really bad. The rest of the time, he’s still Tom Brady.

3. New Orleans Saints (7-2) – 6 straight wins, but can Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill keep the train rolling while Drew Brees deals with broken ribs and a collapsed lung?

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0) – We’ve heard Ryan Tannehill, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson,

1. Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) -It’s showdown time for the Chiefs who actually have a chip on their shoulder facing a Raiders team that took a victory lap after beating the Chiefs earlier this season.

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