Your week 10 NFL Power Rankings.

32. Houston Texans (1-6-1) – Does anyone actually want to be in Houston?

31. Carolina Panthers (2-7) – If they turned down multiple #1’s and more for Brian Burns they are crazy, but then they did not get to 2-7 by accident.

30. Indianapolis Colts (3-5-1) – Jim Irsay taking credit for the Colts run of success the last 20 years is a comical. He knows it is not true and it’s only because they stumbled upon Manning and Luck at 1st overall which is what he is clearly trying to do once again. This train wreck is just getting rolling.

29. Las Vegas Raiders (2-6) – Josh McDaniels is just a massive failure, there is no other way to put it. If he survives he will be standing on a mountain of bodies he threw under the boss to get to year two.

28. Green Bay Packers (3-6) – Aaron Rodgers was impossibly bad against the worst defense in the NFL. The only question is can Matt LaFleur pull them out of their death spiral before they hit the Earth at 2000 miles per hour.

27. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6) – Kenny Pickett has a 4-1 TD to Interception ratio… Oh sorry, 4-1 Interception to TD ratio!!!! 2 TD’s and 8 INT’s!!! Hard to win any games like that.

26. Detroit Lions (2-6) – Good luck with Justin Fields this week.

25. Denver Broncos (3-6) – They have topped 20 points 2 times all season, I’d take the under Sunday in Nashville.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) – If they manage to win another game before December they will be declared favorites in the AFC South! They are 3-6 against one of the softest schedules in the league.

23. Arizona Cardinals (3-6) – Kliff Kingsbury has a job waiting for him in Tuscaloosa after he gets canned and he is, the only question is will he be next? I just seem really negative today!

22. Los Angeles Rams (3-5) – It is amazing for me to write off the Super Bowl champs like this, but I simply do not see how they fix their issues this season. They can not block and that is as big a problem as there is in the NFL.

21. New Orleans Saints (3-6) – The offense was on a nice roll before Monday night. Their schedule has a little wiggle room into to get back into a pathetic NFC South race.

20. Cleveland Browns (3-5) – That was a shocking beat down of the Bengals. Now they have to Miami and Buffalo back to back to prove it was just an illusion.

19. Washington Commanders (4-5) – I may loath the ownership of this franchise and everything they stand for, but my admiration of Ron Rivera continues. He’s got them competitive again and Taylor Heinicke gives them a chance to win.

18. Chicago Bears (3-6) – I do not care about the record, this team is figuring things out and Justin Fields is emerging as a rising star in the league. After having an offense that could only be called embarrassing, the Bears have ripped off 94 points in their last 3 games and Fields has been electric.

17. New England Patriots (5-4) – Yeah, they beat the Colts. Tell me when they beat someone actually trying to win.

16. Tampa Bay Bucs (4-5) – I really thought Tom Brady was going to duct tape Scottie Miller to the bench after dropping that TD pass. Good to see him use restraint.

15. Atlanta Falcons (4-5) – They are simply in EVERY game. Call me crazy, they are going to win the NFC South.

14. Los Angeles Chargers (5-3) – 5 wins over 5 teams with losing records. Yes, they can only beat the teams on their schedule but I still expected more from this banged up bunch.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (5-3) – 30 sacks for Joe Burrow in 8 games. They changed the offensive line, that does not mean they made it better.

12. New York Giants (6-2) – The Brian Daboll love is about to get intense. They’ve got the Texans and then the Lions on their way to 8-2 and a full blown New York love affair.

11. Miami Dolphins (6-3) – Pretty safe to say Tua has secured his future in Miami if he can stay healthy.

10. New York Jets (6-3) – Stunning win over the Buffalo Bills, even more stunning that Zach Wilson led a game winning drive because he’s terrible.

9. San Francisco (4-4) – This goes against my better judgement, but I am giving them one more shot to prove they are in fact a top 10 team.

8. Seattle Seahawks (6-3) – 4 straight wins for the Seahawks. We said if they could get things figured out on defense they would be trouble and they have.

7. Tennessee Titans (5-3) – The defense is good enough to take them to the Super Bowl, Derrick Henry is good enough to take them to the Super Bowl. The passing game is bad enough to prevent them from getting there. Mike Vrabel has 9 weeks to figure it out. Getting back Tannehill and Burks would be a good start.

6. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) – Lamar Jackson and the passing game still are not perfect, but no matter how many passes he may miss on he is still a snap away from hitting or running for a long one.

5. Dallas Cowboys (6-2) – Oh, the Mike McCarthy revenge game. If Aaron Rodgers can not score against Detroit what is he going to do against this defense?

4. Kansas City Chiefs (6-2) – They got punched in the nose HARD by the Titans Sunday night. That is a game they do not like to play, but they kept playing and Patrick Mahomes found a way to win.

3. Buffalo Bills (6-2) – How bad is Josh Allen hurt? I mean an entire fan base could fly threw more tables than even Costco could supply if he misses considerable time.

2. Minnesota Vikings (7-1) – I do not love Kirk Cousins. I am not convinced they are better than KC or Buffalo, but here they sit 7-1 winning every week with their only loss belonging to the one team in front of them, the Eagles.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-0) – They should coast to 11-0 and the Jalen Hurts MVP hype train could hit speeds impossible to catch.