Welcome to the season gang!

It’s Week 1 of the NFL campaign and time to rank them 1-32.

My Week 1 NFL Power Rankings.

32. Seattle Seahawks – There are a lot of reasons to put a few other teams here… The Bears, Giants, Texans, Falcons, but the fighting Jim Zorn’s earned this honor for one reason, they put themselves in a position to have to pick Geno Smith to be their starting quarterback.

31. Chicago Bears – As a native Chicagoan this pains me, but not only are the Bears bad I believe they are designed to be bad with a full rebuild in 2023. In the meantime, 2022 is not going to be fun.

30. Houston Texans – I really wanted to put Houston at 32 and they very well may earn that honor is short order for one big reason. They have the WORST ownership in the NFL and that’s a league that includes Daniel Snyder!!!!

29. Atlanta Falcons – They are in a similar position to the Chicago Bears, but Arthur Smith can coach and I think he will find a way to win a few more than most expect.

28. New York Giants – Saquan Barkley is back. Ok, that’s all I got.

27. New York Jets – I can not believe that in the year 2022 I still have to watch Joe Flacco play quarterback in an NFL game.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars – How bad do these other teams have to be to have the Jags ranked this high? Having an actual adult running the team has to be good for a couple more wins doesn’t it. Also, they host the Colts week 2 so they are guaranteed a 1-1 start at worst.

25. Carolina Panthers – They may stink this year but I am picking Baker Mayfield as my comeback player of the year. He was injured all of last season and I think the Mayfield hate is overstated.

24. Washington Commanders – When you start ripping off some of the players you have you think they could be decent, then you realize they haven’t been relevant since the Bush administration you shake your head and move on.

23. Detroit Lions – I want to put them higher, they have weapons and I think they will put points on the board. However, they are the Lions and that has to factor into the equation.

22. Cleveland Browns – It is hard to rank the Browns. Are they the Browns or just the Browns minus Watson? Well, until Watson returns Jacoby Brissett makes them a bottom half team.

21. New England Patriots – How on Earth did Mac Jones land in the NFL’s Top 100? He had a fine rookie season, but top 100? The New England bias is overwhelming.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers – They are third in the AFC North at best. While they start the season with Mitch Trubisky at quarterback ultimately 1st round pick Kenny Pickett has to be the guys. In a division with Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow and eventually Deshaun Watson they have to get star quarterback play to compete.

19. Miami Dolphins – For all of the sizzle of the off-season if Tua Tagavailoa can not hit the broad side of a barn they will disappoint.

18. New Orleans Saints – I do not doubt the Saints talent on defense, but I think it is 100% justified to doubt Jameis Winston and new head coach Dennis Allen. They both have to prove it to me before I put them in the playoffs.

17. Arizona Cardinals – Can Baby Yoda get it done without DeAndre Hopkins to start the season? Arizona has some good pieces, but they were not the same team at the end of last season.

16. Indianapolis Colts – Thank you Kyle Brandt. Matt Ryan is not Joe Montana. He is a fine NFL quarterback, with a good career behind him, but his best days are just that, behind him. Any other NFL team on its 5th quarterback in 5 years is called dysfunctional.

15. Minnesota Vikings – I expect them to score a ton of points and possibly unseat the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North.

14. Dallas Cowboys – Let’s just say it. This team has a lot of talent, but we expect it to ultimately disappoint us which describes the post Jimmy Johnson era.

13. Las Vegas Raiders – Davante Adams, Hunter Renfro, Darren Walller, yes life is good for Derek Carr.

12. Philadelphia Eagles – They have gone all-in to bring in players in the off-season. There are 2 versions of Jalen Hurts though, the national perception and reality. National perception is he is an elite playmaker, reality is he’s a talent athlete with good weapons still developing at quarterback.

11. Denver Broncos – Everyone assumes Russell Wilson plays at an elite level and elevates the Broncos. They are in the toughest division in football, have a new head coach and Wilson is a 33-year old QB who has been sacked almost 400 times.

10. Tennessee Titans – The Titans do not return AJ Brown, Rodger Saffold and now Harold Landry from last season. Those are 3 big losses. I like the revamped WR room, it is the offensive line that is the concern. There is 1 big reason not to doubt this team and it is not Derrick Henry, it is Mke Vrabel.

9. Baltimore Ravens – Can Lamar Jackson be both a starting quarterback and an NFL agent at the same time. We are about to find out.

8. San Francisco 49ers – They are like the Chargers in that you have to love that roster. They are not like the Chargers in that Trey Lance has to prove he is even close to Justin Herbert.

7. Green Bay Packers – Look I know Aaron Rodgers is amazing but his WR room is so pedestrian it makes the Chicago Bears group look legitimate.

6. Tampa Bay Bucs – Do Tom Brady’s personal issues become the Bucs issues? If not they’ll be right back in the hunt for the Super Bowl.

5. Cincinnati Bengals – They addressed the offensive line, but did they do enough. I legitimately believe Jamar Chase could push 2000 yards this season.

4. Kansas City Chiefs – Normally the loss of a player like Tyreek Hill would have me really doubting this team, but Andy Reid can coach and Patrick Mahomes can sling it. They will be just fine.

3. Los Angeles Rams – The defending champs are back now we will see if they carry the same chip. They did not stand pat adding Allen Robinson in the offseason who finally has an actual NFL quarterback to catch passes from.

2. Los Angeles Chargers – OK, this is my big leap for the year. I vowed not to take the cheese from the Chargers again, but I am like a gut hooked bass. I love this roster and am excited to see this team play.

1. Buffalo Bills – Yep, like everyone else I am on board. They have talent everywhere and now they have added Rodger Saffold and Von Miller to try and get them over the top.