Cory Curtis: Running down Titans 25-16 win over the Colts


Tennessee Titans wide receiver Chester Rogers (80) catches a touchdown pass ahead of Indianapolis Colts cornerback Kenny Moore II (23) in the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)

The Titans overcame 3 turnovers to beat the Colts 25-16 and there is a lot to digest in this one…

My thoughts…

  1. The boogie man – If it can go wrong against the Colts it does and it did Sunday with 3 turnovers in Colts territory. The Titans should have had well over 30 points and won this game by well over 20. I guess the main point here is they didn’t let the turnovers defeat them mentally, emotionally or on the scoreboard.
  2. 2 sprains – I still can’t believe they rolled Carson Wentz out there with 2 sprained ankles… He had NO lateral movement at all and I thought the Titans did a great job of bringing the pressure right in his face because he could not move left or right to get out of the way. They struggled some with the screen game early, but he was no threat to go down field during the game.
  3. That pass rusher from Pittsburgh – Nope, Bud Dupree didn’t play but Ola Adeniyi continues to ball out for the Titans. He had 4 tackles today including 1.5 sacks and 3 total hits on Carson Wentz. He played a ton because Dupree couldn’t go and Rashad Weaver has a broken leg, but he has shown he NEEDS to play. Dude makes stuff happen.
  4. Kristian Fulton – He keeps making plays.. 4 tackles and a pass defense. He left the game with an injury and the report on him will be one of the most critical we get on Wednesday. No I don’t expect Vrabel do give us any information on anyone Monday.
  5. AJ not OK – Last year AJ Brown played thru a knee injury the entire season, today a hamstring put him on the bench. Unfortunately, in some ways a hamstring is worse because if it’s not 100% you risk making it much, much worse. Unfortunately I don’t see this clearing up by Sunday. The Titans will have to be prepared to go without him for a while.
  6. The “Other Guys” – A really underrated movie and one of the big themes today. So many guys stepped up for the Titans. Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Chester Rogers and Jeremy McNichols scored the Titans 3 touchdowns and none of them were even guaranteed a roster spot coming out of camp. One of Jon Robinson’s best successes has been improving the back end of the roster and it paid off Sunday. Now if he could do a little more with those high draft picks.
  7. Redemption – Taylor Lewan was emotional after the game. He said the 2-3 days after being booed at Nissan Stadium were pretty tough days. I think he took today’s performance very personally and I spent quite a bit of time watching him and thought he was very solid.
  8. 4 in a row – Derrick Henry made it 4 straight 100 yard games against the Colts with 113 yards on 28 carries. He did it without busting off “the big one”. It was methodical and punishing and it got the job done.
  9. Heat seeking missile – That’s what I see when I watch David Long. He flies to the football, he’s fast and physical. He lacks size, but he loves football and he is fun to watch. He led the Titans Sunday with 8 tackles, 1 of them for a loss.
  10. Whatever – The Colts rushed 18 times for 87 yards, that’s a solid 4.8 per carry so I don’t understand why they thew it 37 times with a really banged up quarterback, especially inside the 10 yard line. They may have outsmarted themselves.
  11. Going for the throat – There was a lot of post game discussion about going for 2. I do not know if I would have because I don’t think the Colts could score a touchdown AND punch it for 2 in back to back plays. However, I understand why Vrabel did it. Analytics probably back it up as the “winning” play and it was an opportunity to basically end the game early in the 4th quarter which I believe it did. I like the aggressiveness of it and the message to his team to take the other team out.
  12. Harold Landry – He may not have a ton of sacks but he shows up in the video a lot.
  13. 3rd down defense – Remember that historically bad 3rd down defense from last season? They held the Colts to 3 for 12 today and are 14 for 37 for the season, that’s 37.8 % for the season and that’s not historically bad or bad at all.
  14. Maintenance Man – Maybe Julio Jones new nickname an be Schneider? Remember the maintenance guy from “One Day At A Time”? I’m showing my age here, but am I the only one stunned to hear he was not in the game in the 4th quarter because they were managing him? I’m sure that will be discussed Monday.
  15. More Defense – The Colts were o for 2 in Goal to Go situations.
  16. Not dressed – Josh Reynolds. Is he hurt or just not worthy? With AJ Brown hurt I’m guessing we will find out this week, to this point his stay in Nashville is trending in absolutely the wrong direction.
  17. On the Ropes – Winning was big, sending the Colts to 0-3 may have been even bigger. Now Indy travels to Miami and Baltimore with an 0-5 start a very real possibility and it sounds like the Colts will be without Quenton Nelson for quite some time.
  18. Turnovers – We’ve headed some praise on the defense but it wouldn’t kill them to take the ball away. Remember training camp? Did they use them all up?
  19. Bring on the Jets – They are not good, but we’ve seen the Titans lose to not good before. So it’s back to work and playing to their “standard”.

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