Cory Curtis: Pre Draft NFL Power Rankings


Tennessee Titans’ A.J. Brown (11) runs past Kansas City Chiefs’ Damien Wilson (54) during the first half of the NFL AFC Championship football game Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020, in Kansas City, MO. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

I really hate NFL Power Rankings before the NFL Draft and free agency, buuuuuuutttttt, I just can’t help myself.

These rankings are based on where teams are, not where they will be after the draft. Having said that a teams draft position does have some impact on where they get slated here. They own the equity of those picks and it’s part of a teams strength right now.

32. Cincinnati Bengals – Can Joe Burrow save them?

31. Jacksonville Jaguars – They’ve lost more talent in a year than some teams dream of ever having.

30. Detroit Lions – The people of Detroit deserve better.

29. Washington Redskins – The only reason they’re this high is my belief in and respect for Ron Rivera. Oh and they should draft another QB in round one.

28. Carolina Panthers – I like Matt Rhule, but a lot of unknowns here.

27. New York Giants – They were so bad last year I just can’t shake it.

26. Miami Dolphins – If they can nail this draft they’ll be a team to look for very soon. This draft could be the biggest in Dolphins history.

25. NY Jets – I would really like Avery Williamson to be on a better team.

24. Denver Broncos – Certain friends are already unhappy with this ranking. 😉

23. Los Angeles Chargers – I covered Tyrod Taylor when he was in high school That’s all I got.

22. Arizona Cardinals – They had to think Bill O’Brien was punking them right?

21.. New England Patriots – With their QB & WR situation why do I have them this high?

20. Las Vegas Raiders – When does Marcus start?

19. Cleveland Browns – Everyone expects them to mess up the virtual draft.

18. Houston Texans – Could there be a mutiny in Houston? If they start slowly OB is in big trouble.

17. Chicago Bears – How many weeks do they give Trubisky?

16. Atlanta Falcons – New uniforms!

15. Indianapolis Colts – Once great QB on the downside of his career, I don’t view that as a great answer for the position.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers – Can Ben stay healthy? That’s everything.

13. Los Angeles Rams – Life after Gurley… Is there one?

12. Buffalo Bills – This years Browns, everyone loves them. Everyone but me!

11. Philadelphia Eagles – So which WR do they take in round one?

10. Dallas Cowboys – Can Mike McCarthy get it done? Can Jerry stay out of the way? Can Dak avoid Covid-19 working out with all of those guys?

9. Tampa Bay Bucs – I like this team.

8. Minnesota Vikings – Another team that has to be thrilled with the crop of WR’s in this years draft.

7. Tennessee Titans – No glaring holes headed in to the draft. Just the chance to get deeper and better.

6. Green Bay Packers – How much is left in Aaron Rodgers tank?

5. Seattle Seahawks – Well coached, well run and a great QB. Pretty good combo.

4. Baltimore Ravens – Everyone wants to see what Lamar Jackson has for us this year.

3. New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees is back, so it’s Super Bowl or bust.

2. San Francisco 49ers – They couldn’t pay them all. DeForest Buckner is gone.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – As long as they’ve got Pat Mahomes they’re probably a top 5 team.

I’m up against on time… I’ll have comments on many of the teams later in the day…

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